Dannel Malloy, the peace-love-dope-child governor of the state of Connecticut, has said from time to time that his priority is to create jobs. And he’s finally done it! Props to the Great Man. Of course, the jobs he’s created are in South Carolina, as Connecticut businesses flee the tax, regulatory and legal environment he’s created. This is especially true of gun companies — the only one paying lip service to staying in CT is Colt, and they’re expanding out of state.

One Connecticut company reached a milestone on Monday, with the first PTR-91 receiver to be manufactured in South Carolina and engraved with PTR’s new home, “Aynor, SC.”

ptr_aynor_sc_job_1[PTR Industries purchasing manager Bob] Grabowski gave WMBF News a behind-the-scenes tour Monday to show the complexity of the gun manufacturing process, proudly displaying the first steel receiver to be stamped with Aynor’s name.

The sheet of steel is cut, punched, and finally stamped to make the receiver of the guns. Economic experts hope this puts Horry County on the map as a target for other gun plants.

“We can brag to other manufacturers that we are the home to PTR industries, and now every weapon they make and distribute has ‘Made in South Carolina’ stamped on it,” said Brad Lofton with the Myrtle Beach Regional Economic Development Corporation.

Soon, the county hopes to host Ithaca Gun Company, as well.

“Part of the economic development process is to take off the watch and grab the calendar, there are a lot of things that go into it,”explained Lofton.

Right now the MBREDC is working with a contractor to push building plans forward as the company considers moving to an already-existing facility.

“They will provide anywhere from 80 to 115 jobs,” said Lofton.

STAG Firearms is another possibility, as the MBREDC continues to pursue that company to come to the coast. Lofton explained right now, STAG is considering between South Carolina and Texas.

“Texas is tough, there’s no personal income tax and it’s a friendly second amendment state, but why wouldn’t you want to be in Myrtle Beach with 65 miles of coast?” Lofton said.

With PTR Industries being the first to open in Horry County, the gun plant hopes others will follow their lead and move lock, stock, and barrel to the Grand Strand.

“It’s a friendly business environment, there’s lots of room to grow down here and a lot of people looking for jobs, good quality people for this industry,” said Grabowski.

You know it’s a Read the Whole Thing™er. And when you do, you can also watch the video, and be shocked by the apparition of not one, but several TV reporters who are visibly proud of this new industry and thrilled to have it in their state and region. Truly, the singularity is upon us.

Bob makes a great spokesman for PTR Industries, and everybody in the SC plant makes a great spokesman for not expanding in Connecticut. We’ve reported previously on PTR’s decision, which wasn’t an easy one — after all, the founders and the workers all have homes and family ties in CT. But the white heat of hate emanating from the golden dome of the state capitol, and especially from the governor’s mansion on Prospect Street, made the decision an easy one.

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3 thoughts on “Dannel Malloy creates 115 jobs — out of his state


Two Americas, truly.

This is what happens when liberidiots not only ignore Revolutionary War history in regards to the Second Amendment, but all the lessons on Why The South Lost in the pre-Civil War era.

Much like Bull Run, it will be a painful wake-up call if somebody doesn’t pull their heads out and turn around.

Also, good for SC, but one suspects it will lose a bit of luster the first time a hurricane scrapes up along the coast. But there’s a helluva lot less snow in Myrtle Beach in its worst year than anywhere in CT in its best year.

Bill K

Wouldn’t that be a shock if the two Americas ended up in a Civil War, Part Deux, and the South rose again? For many of the reasons that the North won the first time! Industry, ingenuity, free enterprise…

Joe L

Ah Connecticut…. how you suck… let me count the ways