Can a 9mm Kill a Bear: A Deep Dive

In the sprawling expanses of wilderness, encountering a bear can be a majestic but potentially terrifying experience. Armoring one’s self with knowledge and understanding, particularly of the animal’s anatomy and vulnerabilities, often turns into a crucial aspect in such instances. This discourse elucidates the integral facets of a bear’s physique alongside discussing the defensive potential …

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10mm vs 357: A Detailed Comparison

Two titans of the firearm world – the 10mm and the 357 – have piqued the interests of gun enthusiasts, hobbyists and experts alike for many decades. The unique history and evolution of each model, coupled with their distinct technical specifications, offers an intriguing exploration into the world of ballistics. This examination dives deep into …

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308 vs 47-70 comparison

45-70 vs 308 Comparison – Which is better?

For two rounds that hit the stage nearly 100 years apart, and have such wildly different ballistics and history, the debate over the 45-70 Govt and the 308 Win is a hot one. In both cases, you have an incredibly effective rifle cartridge, but with some significant differences between the two, knowing which is going …

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SCCY CPX-2 pistol

SCCY CPX 2 Problems (Solved!)

The Sccy CPX-2 is one of a very select few firearms produced by Sccy Firearms. They don’t specialize in much, but they do specialize in polymer-framed subcompact .380 and 9mm pistols. Every model they produce has a 10+1 capacity, and while they are considered to be very well-made guns, they are known to have some …

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Beretta APX Pistol

Common Beretta APX Problems

On paper, the Beretta APX sounds like an awesome idea. It’s a striker-fired, double-stack pistol with a polymer frame. Furthermore, it comes with decent sights and, important for 2022, a rail to mount a laser built right in. Coming from one of the best-known and largest firearms manufacturers on the planet, this should be a …

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Beretta Tomcat 3032 Pistol

Known Beretta Tomcat 3032 Problems

If you are considering the idea of purchasing a Beretta Tomcat 3032, you might want to read this. This is a handgun that comes from one of the more recognizable brands in the industry. While it may have its advantages, some users have reported certain problems (which we’ll cover individually). For its part, the Beretta …

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