The stuff you shoot at criminals, misunderstood youf, zombies, and malignant votaries of The Religion of Peace is ordnance.

The stupid rule that does not let you discharge your Davy Crockett nuclear recoilless rifle within the city limits is an ordinance.

Ordnance = arms and ammunition, particularly in reference to manufacture, logistics and maintenance thereof.

Ordinance = rule or regulation, particularly at a municipal level.

Get it. Got it? Good. Don’t be like way too many in our industry. Like McMillan in this otherwise worthwhile white paper on the differences between a tactical stock and a hunting stock.

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3 thoughts on “A pet peeve… “ordnance” vs. “ordinance.”

Tom Schultz

Kevin;I was pouring over that entry while I was poring my second mug of coffee.

Or was it…..