Walther P22 Pistol review while sitting outside on snow embankment

Walther P22 – In-Depth Review & Guide [2024]

As any shooter can tell you, the price of ammunition has skyrocketed over the past several years.  While we seem to be slowly coming out of yet another ammunition shortage, a day at the range is not as affordable as it once was.  Even for handloaders, the cost and availability of reloading components doesn’t offer …

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Taurus TX22 Problems

Taurus TX22 Problems (& How to Fix Them)

Today, we’re going to be looking at one of the more famous, or, perhaps we should say infamous pistols of the last few years, the Taurus TX 22. To set the stage and give you some context, we’ll start with some brief specifications for the pistol more generally, before spending much of the piece talking …

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Glock 48 vs 43x

Glock 48 vs 43x Showdown: Finding Your Ideal Concealed Carry

Welcome, firearm aficionados! The stage is set for a showdown between two fantastic pistols in Glock’s Slimline series: the Glock 48 vs 43X. Concealed carry, barrel length, weight, and ergonomics are just a few of the critical factors in this comparison. Buckle up, and let’s find out which of these two pistols comes out on …

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Best 22 long rifles review

Best .22 Long Rifles in 2024 [RANKED]

For a lot of shooters, the .22lr is the round that we learn to shoot with, and many of us have fond memories of doing some target shooting with a .22lr rifle. The round is an excellent one to train new shooters on thanks to the low recoil that makes it fun to shoot, as …

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.300 Win Mag vs .308 Winchester caliber comparison

.300 Win Mag vs .308 Winchester: Caliber Showdown

Among modern rifle calibers that are more than capable of long-range target and hunting performance, two of the more popular choices among American shooters are the .308 Winchester and the .300 Winchester Magnum (shortened to .300 Win Mag). In this piece, the two cartridges are compared head to head so that you can choose the …

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Taurus GX4 Common problems and issues

Troubleshooting Common Taurus GX4 Problems: Practical Fixes

Consider this: You’ve chosen a Taurus GX4 for self-defense or sport shooting, entrusting your safety and performance to this compact firearm. But what happens when the trusty tool begins to show signs of Taurus GX4 problems? From firing pin maladies to trigger tribulations, these concerns can send a shiver down any owner’s spine. But fear …

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.223 caliber bullets in a magazine

.222 vs .223 Calibers [Who Wins?]

When it comes to choosing the perfect firearm for your hunting needs, it’s essential to explore all the nuances and subtleties that differentiate one caliber from another. In this extensive review, we’ll take an in-depth look at the Remington .222 and .223 calibers. These two calibers have garnered their own dedicated followings, each with its …

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Unraveling the SAR 9 Problems: Hobbyist’s Insight

There is a world of robust exploration and depth of knowledge to be found within the realm of firearm enthusiasts, particularly when it comes to engaging discussions about SAR 9 pistols. A popular choice among hobbyists and professionals alike, the SAR 9, while generally reliable, has seen its share of issues that owners and users …

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