Something special over at Forgotten Weapons

Thanks to a reader tip, Forgotten Weapons has something really cool:

we found a couple minutes of video of John Garand talking about the development of US small arms. It was buried in an episode of “The Big Picture”; a syndicated TV program produced by the US Army from 1951 through 1964 (I’m not sure exactly when this particular clip was filmed).

via John Garand on US Weapons Development (Video).

Rather than embed it, we’d rather send you guys over there to watch it; they found it, after all, let them have the hits and the credit. Like them, we were surprised by his accent, but of course he was an immigrant from Montreal, “where the house she doan’ grow side by each, anyway!”

If you’re a gun geek, even to see a few minutes of John Garand speaking is a pretty big deal.

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