Two cool links from commenters

The great thing about being a know-it-all on the intertubes is that you can’t be — regardless of what you think you know, somebody out there knows more. Here are two examples where posts of ours brought out very relevant information in the comments.

  • Box-magazine design best practices are one of the things covered in Rocha's Technical Notes on Small Arms Design.

    And on the 11tth, we posted about our puzzlement with the lack of good gun-design books. There are dozens of aeronautical design books, a solid handful of rocket design books, a massive literature of books on bridge design, naval architecture, you name it, even excellent works on parachute design. But bupkus on designing firearms (which makes us even more suspicious that some designers are doing it entirely by eyeball). Ah, but the gang at Forgotten Weapons shares a vintage Rock Island Arsenal set of design notes, by John G.Rocha, which is the nearest thing we’ve seen to a weaponry version or Raymer or Roskam’s aero engineering conceptual-design books. The document is labeled “NOT FOR DISTRIBUTION: For use at Rock Island Arsenal only,” but is now released into the public domain.