Know Your Enemy: The Shape of Antigun Astroturf, May 2015

We continue to add to the map of Freedom’s enemies. There are over 350 nodes on the new map, and every one of them a proven, if not sworn, enemy of firearms freedom.

The Shape of Astroturf May 2015

As we have observed, those who oppose your firearms freedom often oppose other freedoms as well.

After all, it’s recently come out that the Brady organization is trying to map, database and doxx all of us. We stop short of doxxing, ourselves. It’s unseemly. But those Beltway bums and their freedom-fighting (as in against) hirelings never had any class. provides this file as a public service, pro bono publico if you will. We are very willing to see it republished elsewhere, and derivative works made, as long as we receive credit and a link for our work.

We also welcome corrections, updates, and suggestions in the comments.

The PDF is for read-only use and is optimized to print at 11 x 14″. The .scap file works with the inexpensive cross-platform application Scapple. (Update: WordPress 4.2 won’t let us insert that file. Wonder what we have to tweak to make that happen).

The Shape of Antigun Astroturf 20150508.pdf

22 thoughts on “Know Your Enemy: The Shape of Antigun Astroturf, May 2015

  1. John

    I suggest downloading the Excel template NodeXL. It is a free/open source network analysis tool, I get good results when using it to perform link analysis in the Twitterverse.

  2. Y.

    Speaking of denying people their freedoms.

    Is there an organisation campaigning against the right of people to eat themselves to death?

    According to the heartless killjoys at CDC, half of America is set to be diabetic or pre-diabetic by 2020.

  3. MattL

    Amazing work. Can only imagine the hours you put into it.

    I will do my best to spread it far and wide.

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  5. Sicom Jester

    If it’s a matter of hosting a file, I’ll be more than happy to donate the space. Otherwise I’m sure the WRSA realm would be happy to donate some Dropbox or other space.

  6. John

    Excellent work! I am amazed at the domain and range of the anti-gun left. This map is priceless. Thank you for all of your efforts.

  7. Wes

    Fine work. Do you have a mechanism (or willing to take input) should the peasantry have updates for you?
    Example: Schmaler, Holder’s mouthpiece, resigned a couple years ago but her ilk doesn’t stray far from a comfortable water temp. And AG Lynch surely has her own in place.

    Like laying tile, if everyone took a little spot on their own to validate/update the info, it’d be easier than scrubbing the kitchen walls.

  8. nicephotog

    Interesting view.
    The key point is not merely right to bear arms, it’s “the right to use them” for as minimal a process as “personal property protection”.
    Personal property can be protected such a way because removing or damaging property can cause death or serious injury or start immense violence if it damages honest rightful personal economics(a feature that is not a rare side effect of theft or vandalism or sabotage).
    Protect the before too, because it “requires personal property protection rights” as much as keeping armalites too sensibly enforce, protect and bargain the point!

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  10. MtTopPatriot

    A most relative insult to our liberty, and possession of arms is the fact those arms, regardless of their use or not, intended or otherwise, arms are property. A thing which is yours, you own it. The insult is manifold, there are those who want to deny you your property, take your property, criminalize you for your private property. In essence through taking your property, your are robbed of everything else which makes you a free man who owns property, property like dignity, honor, freedom, inherent rights to do things with your property which secure and protect all property that belongs to you.
    It is insidious this campaign to deny us or property. It is not only arms, these same people want everything we own, they will not stop at our arms, they lack any and all respect for their fellow man. They think they are gods.

  11. Brian

    Excellent work, Hognose. You can also add the ASK campaign with a line/link to the Brady fucktards and the American Academy Of Pediatrics.

    1. Hognose Post author

      Thanks… always good to have more hostiles ID’d.

      What the ASK campaign is, is the latest attempt to use the levers of media and culture to delegitimize gun ownership. Yet… we have the advantage over them, whether you measure this advantage by numbers or commitment. We need to get equally good at manipulating the media.

  12. geoffb5

    Thank you.

    Not just for the map but also for the name, “cryptogroup” for something I ran across back in 2003 when a, seemingly, local organization came and spoke about wanting my wife’s church to join their “local” group. The techniques the organizer used in the speech reminded me of ones that I’d heard as a college student back in the 60s from SDS people.

    I used what there was then of an internet and finally connected the “local” group to Gamaliel out of Chicago. They had a large number of these “local” cryptogroups in which only the top leaders knew that there was a higher level that called the shots. They would work local angles on issues, but only ones which could be tied in with the larger organization’s goals and needs.

  13. geoffb5

    I’m not sure if this is what you are looking for but anyways.

    Back in 2013 I wrote about a group that was protesting an event by a gun store in Colorado. The group was called “Together Colorado” and they were part of the left umbrella organization “PICO Network” the news media’s pictures of the protest shows everyone holding preprinted signs for “Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America,

    1. Hognose Post author

      Yep. This kind of thing is very common, also the Orwellian use of language. “Gun sense.” Same old ban.

      They often use paid rent-a-protester hired through Craigslist ads.

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