Brits back down from crazy ROE interpretation

File: Color SGT. Kajiman Limbo of the Royal Gurkha Regiment posing in Afganistan with an issue kukri. He is NOT the accused Gurkha.

File: Color SGT. Kajiman Limbo of the Royal Gurkha Regiment posing in Afganistan with an issue kukri. He is NOT the accused Gurkha.

According to the Daily Mirror, a Gurkha was nearly put on trial for — horrors! — beheading an enemy in combat in Afghanistan.

Earlier news reports had the British commander of troops in Afghanistan, Richard Kemp, condemning the Gurkha private, and anonymous British staff officers calling him a war criminal.

According to the Mirror, investigation showed that the headless Talib was a combat casualty, not a desecrated corpse:

A GURKHA under investigation for beheading a Taliban gunman has been allowed back on normal duty.

The Nepalese soldier faced court martial after he returned to base with the enemy fighter’s head in a bag and presented it to senior officers.

He had decapitated the insurgent with his kukri machete, the traditional Gurkha weapon, during fierce fighting on the Afghan front line.

via Gurkha who beheaded a Taliban cleared to return to normal duty – Mirror Online.

So, for whatever reason, the attempt to throw the book at this young soldier got cut off at the… knees. The amazing, Lord Love a Duck aspect of the whole thing is that the ruperts attempted this in the first place. What were they thinking?

Apparently the upper crust of the British Army is full of guys who don’t remember the psychological effect of the Gurkha Regiment on Argentine conscripts in 1982. The sharp, heavy kukri and the Gurkha’s skill with it is a feature, not a bug.

11 thoughts on “Brits back down from crazy ROE interpretation

  1. Rick Benjamin

    Outed for head-lopping?
    Crime: Showing-off, Cringing the brass. Oh! The Humanity!

    Hand Salute to the Ghurka private that took the head of the enemy.
    And thought enough of his officers to present the trophy.
    Wish I could be so stealthy. Semper Fidelis!

  2. Aesop

    No word yet on finding a testicle, backbone and brain donor for General Pussypants Kemp, I suppose, nor perhaps sacking the anonymous Brit staff officers for cowardice and gross stupidity after a telecast public group courtmartial and a fine public pillorying…?
    Mayhap simply sending a goosedown pillowful of white feathers to Staff HQ at Andover, with the complements of the Gurkha Regiment, and the firm suggestion that they pass the sack around and each take a feather as appropriate, might drive the point home adequately.

  3. RVN11B

    Let me see if I have this right. You send in a well trained, highly respected, and very motivated unit.
    Said unit constantly kicks ass and takes names (and heads)
    And then the command elements have a major hissy fit and want to ‘punish’ the fighter.

    And so cowardly are those that wet their legs over this situation.

    1. Hognose Post author

      It smacks of, “We selected you guys to be our go-to infantry heroes because of your national martial culture, but by all means don’t exercise it by cutting up the enemy… not British, and all that.” Or, “Defeat the enemy, but please don’t hurt him.” Those sentiments have their place in a society, but not among its uniformed defenders.

  4. WhizBanger

    With what little first hand data I have on the Nepalese Gurkas gathered from friends who lived and schooled in northern India. I would surmise that you could arm them with nothing more than sharp pencils and they would STILL outfight anyone they consider their enemy…


    By 2020, Great Britian will be better known as The only country to have gone from Great to Laughing Stock in 300 years. Most countries grow and prosper, become stronger and more influential. Britian has become impotent, ineffective, run by liberal fagg0ts, and irrelevant. To try a soldier for war crimes, for doing his job is as nonsensensical as allowing Muslims to have their own court system within England. Unless the English men grow up as men and get a set of cohones and restore their government to one of strength and meaning, and grow the military to again be respected, then Islam will take over and the Brits will be the ones beheaded, and not their enemy.

    1. Hognose Post author

      Some years ago I read a book by Peter Hitchens named The Abolition of Britain. Now, I am not British and have not been there in some years, so I can’t comment on the book’s accuracy, really. But it’s a chilling story. He compared British reaction to the death of Churchill (dignified, reserved) and to the death of Diana (maudlin and childish) and used those two funerals as symbols of the change in British character over thirty years.

  6. Tom Wolff

    Ah, this is a good ending to what could’ve been a disaster for the Brits. Imagine every element of the Gurkha Rifles/Royal Gurkha Army saying, “Oh, really? It’s been a nice 200 years, we’re going home. Fend for yourselves.”

    Being a collector of and practitioner with genuine Nepali khukuri, and belonging to several international knife forums, I’m posting this in the Khukuri subsection of one, and letting the viral effect do the rest.

    Shameful that this ever gained traction …

    “Kaphar hunu bhanda marnu nai jaati.”

    Dherai Dherai Danyabad ra Namaste, – TW

    1. Hognose Post author

      Thanks for helping to spread the word to other aficionados of the great chopping knife — and the great guys who swing ’em.

      In the end, the British did right by their loyal Gurkha soldier. Pity it had to go so far.

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