Good Blog: The Gun Writer. About a good dealer: Gun Point.

Every once in a while we find a blog we’ve never seen before (a lot of the time, The Gun Wire or The Gun Feed deserves the credit — in this case it was The Gun Wire). One that we really like. The Gun Writer is Lee Williams’s blog at the Tampa Herald Tribune.

One sure sign of genius is that the guy agree with us, and Lee writes in praise of a dealer that we have had extremely good service from: Feliks Yukhtman of Gun Point in Florida.

Feliks and an early AR

Gun Point is a Class III firearms dealer and manufacturer (Class III FFL 07 SOT)  located on the south side of Manatee County. While 98-percent of the business is conducted online, the site has more than 1,100 positive reviews on, they are extremely gracious to walk-in customers – especially those who call ahead to schedule an appointment.   They are authorized dealers for: POF USA, Kriss, Knights Armament, and more.

via Inside the machine-gun vault at Gun Point – The Gun Writer.

Feliks is a trip. He might have been born in the USSR — which is crystal clear two seconds after he begins speaking — but he’s an all-American boy who loves American things like freedom, hot Chevies, and, naturally, guns. (He reminds me of another immigrant who was the USSR’s loss and the USA’s gain, Oleg Volk).

We bought an M12 rifle rack from Gun Point, and when UPS delivered it as a pile of disarticulated aluminum fragments, we got to see what Gun Point was made of. (You never know what customer service is like in most places, because things go smoothly and it’s never put to the acid test). Both Feliks himself and his sidekick Mr. G. (Giancarlo Inocencio) went way out of their way for a guy who had, after all, not bought one of their $5k custom builds, but a lousy $200 rifle rack.

In fact, Gun Point cut us a refund check while they were still working on the insurance claim with UPS. We didn’t ask for that. It’s just the way they roll.

You could do far worse than visit Gun Point for your next AR or AK build, and they have good and reasonably priced SBR/suppressor packages and what not. Their Gun Broker listings are here. And don’t miss Lee’s excellent profile with many shots of their MG room inventory is here.

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  1. Daniel E. Watters

    A pesky point of order on nomenclature: There is no such thing as a Class 3 manufacturer of NFA Title II firearms. There are 3 Special Occupational Tax classes regarding NFA Title II firearms: Class 1 Importers; Class 2 Manufacturers; and Class 3 Dealers. Class 1 and 2 SOT can also act as dealers, but Class 3 can neither import nor manufacture.

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