Gun humor: ‘Instant Accuracy’ kinda crucified

handgun-accuracy-scamDo not piss off Caleb Giddings over at Gun Nuts Media. Or he’ll start writing about you. Now, we could probably survive that, because our skeleton closet is remarkably poorly stocked. But if your business model is a superheated video training program making ridiculous promises, you’re going to get spanked. Like this:

See, on the “about us” page of Instant Accuracy, you find out that it’s run by Patrick Kilchermann, formerly of US Concealed Carry Association. Patrick’s extensive qualifications as an instructor include being a chiropractor, a profession known for it’s 100% honesty and absolute lack of scam artists and shysters. In fact, if you scroll to the bottom of Instant Accuracy, you’ll find that it’s “Copyright 2013 the Sciatica Institute”, which seems weird for a gun website, right? So it’s off to the which looks EXACTLY like Instant Accuracy. The Sciatica Institute exists to sell you a 3 DVD box set that will teach you an in-home remedy for your sciatica. This miracle DVD cure for what is a serious medical problem is only $77, slashed in price from $174.99!

We were already laughing when we got to this graf, but the line about the probity of chiropractors sent us over the fluid-distribution edge.

An illustration of Chiropractor Probity, via Google. Of course, some of those 450k hits are duplicates about the same guys, but still...

An illustration of Chiropractor Probity, via Google. Of course, some of those 450k hits are duplicates about the same guys, but still…

Caleb and some of the commenters suffered through the guy’s lengthy promotional video. We figure, our eyes can only absorb so many photons, so we’re saving ours for looking at scantily-clad women, preferably analog rather than digital. But one commenter pulled this insight from the promo video:

Just a bit of a fair warning: Given the political climate, I don’t know how much longer this presentation is going to be available, so please watch it now while you still can.

Holy Mother Machree, or as we’re fond of saying around here, Lord Love a Duck. The black jackbooted helicopters are coming for this guy’s dry fire video!

Now, consider this. Since the incremental unit cost of a software item (like, say, a set of training DVDs) is nugatory, the odds of this video coming off the market under any circumstance but one is tantamount to zero.

The one way the video winds up off the market? Well, if you do the Google search above, and it comes back with 450,001 results….

via Scam busting: InstantAccuracy.Org | Gun Nuts.


The guy posted some interesting comments himself in in Caleb’s thread. Go ye there. He maintains a positive attitude, we’ll say that for him. But he doesn’t really address the substantive complaints, except to deny the most damaging slur against his reputation: he’s not, he says, a chiropractor.

2 thoughts on “Gun humor: ‘Instant Accuracy’ kinda crucified

  1. Aesop


    I’d feel MUCH better shelling out real cash to a guy pulling the chiropractor scamology who didn’t even have enough boxtops to graduate from the Mail Order School of Chiropracty.

    One can therefore not help but suspect his weapons bona fides are similarly sparse.

    1. Hognose Post author

      As Caleb points out, for less money you can get a dry fire program from guys that are luminaries in competitive shooting. Just without the hype. Some customers like hype; PT Barnum commented on them from time to time.

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