Can’t follow new gun laws without a cheat sheet? Here it is

Screen shot 2013-04-04 at 11.12.33 PMIt’s hard to keep track of the slew of new gun laws, but the Wall Street Journal is trying. The bottom line appears to be that the pro-gun forces have the upper hand, although some states like Connecticut and New York (where it seems like the whole legislature are criminals; another was arrested yesterday) are going the other way.

Gun-control advocates have scored victories in states like Colorado and New York since the Newtown, Conn., shooting, but more states have expanded gun rights than restricted them since the December tragedy.

There is a graphic with two maps, one of advancing and one of retreating civil rights (the illustration here is the advancing graphic), and a table with an abstract of each enacted, vetoed, or governor’s-desk bill, at this link.

States where one house has passed legislation, but the other hasn’t (a prime example is New Hampshire, with the Senate in the hands of pro-gun Republicans and the House held by anti-gun Democrats) aren’t illustrated.

To us, the most interesting results are the approval of Constitutional Carry by two legislatures, Montana and Utah.

Most interesting is that two legislatures passed Constitutional Carry. Montana’s bill is on the Governor’s desk for signature or veto. Utah’s bill met a surprising veto at the hands of a governor who signed several other pro-gun bills.

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