More or less Off Topic: Goats in Trees

Moroccan Goats - 011Things are a bit busy in the analog domain right now, so we’re offering our digital friends these goats in trees.

The nimble animals are not a special species, just normal goats that have learnt to adapt to the country’s [Morocco’s — ed.] arid environment, where their main source of nutrition comes from the tiny berries that grow on the Aragan tree.

Since the trees are sometimes as high as 30 feet, the only way the goats can get to the berries, is by scaling up. Over the years, they have not only figured out how to climb, but also prance  around nimbly from branch to branch like ballerinas.

Goats have a long and tangled relationship with Special Forces. Since the end of Dog Lab, they’ve been the animals sacrificed in live tissue training (something that Congressional animal-rights extremists have been trying to ban, so that your SF medic’s first arterial bleeder or pneumothorax experience is on a critically wounded American, instead).

They’re also on the menu in way too many places where our guys go, from North Africa (where they’re low-end protein) to the Caribbean (where they’re considered a delicacy in some places… try the Jerked Goat in Jamaica, if you take your life in your hands by getting off the tourist track. Just so you can say you did). For more images of the arboreal goats, and some rather grim news about what the locals do with the post-goat-processed seeds, go to¬†Ritemail: Moroccan Goats Graze on Trees.