More vital than GI education? $600k hotel bill. One night.

VP Joe Biden and his entourage: over 100 various security gnomes, equerries, knob-polishers, horse-holders, chai boys, praise bestowers and a food taster — spent une nuit à Paris in the celebrated Hotel Intercontental. One-night bill: Almost $600k. ($585,000.50, to be precise..50?).

This is vital, essential government spending. According to Obama and Biden, not to mention Panetta and Hagel, the money promised to GIs in order to recruit them to risk their lives for the Beltway ingrates is wasteful and was the first thing chopped when budget sequestration forced a reduction in the rate of growth of Defense Department spending.

The VP got a much better deal for the taxpayers the night before in London. He only blew $458,388.65. (Actual bills at the two links).

Update 26 March:

A Canadian blog plays a related game of sequester juxtaposition.

One thought on “More vital than GI education? $600k hotel bill. One night.

  1. Medic09

    Sadly, this goes to show that the ‘downtrodden proletariat’ actually love royalty. How else can we explain that the US taxpayers voted for head honchos who live so extravagantly, so ostentatiously on the public dime – while they (the same political snobs) decry the ‘rich fat cats’ who ‘get away’ with paying ‘less’ in taxes? It’s Orwellian; but it is still sinful and hypocritical. But ‘the people’ elected these guys. There is nothing democratic about the Democrats. By comparison in the same party, I am no fan of President Carter – but at least the man had some sense of modesty. This present administration is simply disgusting for its repeated excesses at the public expense.

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