Sort of OT: We love our commenters

We have had a lot of good commenters, and sometimes one turns out to have his own blog, which is usually a little treasure of clever baubles.

Yesterday, “Aesop” launched a rant of remarkable clarity and vision into our (actually briefer and less well documented) latest rant on the Pentagon suit-and-brass-club’s brain-damaged push for women in infantry. This is a development that will work no good to women nor to the infantry. Despite that, it’s eagerly awaited by the mercifully small but large and loud bull-dyke subset of the set of extreme careerist Academy graduates (as if a small number of weaselly Academy men didn’t have any such requirement for rank-ascending weasels 100% covered, to the irritation of the actual mission-focused Academy folkss).

It was not the first such comment that he left us. We commented that he ought to blog himself, although we didn’t say what we were thinking, which was along the lines of “Dang. That’s a better post than the one we wrote.”

Screen shot 2013-03-15 at 1.11.47 PMTo which Aesop replied that he already is a blogger, over here at Raconteur Report. And so we went and looked. He did indeed extend his comment into a blog post so that many more people, we hope, will read his wise words. He also, though he doesn’t post on a schedule, has some very entertaining and characteristically well-written tales; he doesn’t abuse the term “raconteur” in the least. We particularly liked the previous post, a story of… well, let’s just say entrepreneurship in the shadow of mighty Hollywood. It brought a tear to our eye.

And then there were a couple of stories of wildlife encounters whilst serving in the Marines. Damn, the guy can tell a peacetime war story. We’re still grinnin’ — and still readin’. Raconteur Report. Highly recommended. Not too heavy on guns, but there’s attitude enough to cover ya.

One thought on “Sort of OT: We love our commenters

  1. Aesop

    Hey, I know me some guns, but I leave the serious blogging on that to the professionals. Usually to the quiet professionals.

    But I’m humbled by this post. And kind of happy. It’s the response I was going for when I started spewing forth. Always nice to see a white paster in the X-ring.

    Best Regards,

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