So how bad is New York?

muqueenweaponsThis bad. This picture represents what the police and news media are calling an “arsenal.” Some guy, Lawrence Mulqueen, of Manuet, NY, posted on Facebook that “if anybody ever came” to take his guns, “they would suffer the consequences.”

So based on that “threat,” some other stuff he said about anti-gun politicians, and possession of this “arsenal,” he’s now sitting in jail.

His allegedly illegal assault weapons?

  • A scoped Marlin lever-action hunting rifle;
  • A bolt action Russian M44 (or Chinese M53) carbine, the last version of an 1891 bolt-action gun;
  • Some antique swords and bayonets;
  • and a fake US M1918 trench knife.

And, oh yeah, “over a hundred”(!) rounds of ammunition. Arsenal!

Lord love a duck, how many of our readers have more firepower than that in their pockets right now?

Remember, this is a state where murderers walk with short sentences, as long as they’re career criminals or bug-nuts insane. Yes, they are coming for your guns.

In Mulqueen’s case, he was ratted out by his landlady, who’s being treated as the Donosnik 001, the sainted Pavlik Morozov (Russian language link), of the case (or perhaps the Hitler Youth Quex). “I snooped, I was an internet stalker,” the landlady boasts, to acclaim from the media. (She even has a Hitler Youth name, “Pillersdorf”).

CBS calls it a “cache of weapons.” New York mag calls in an “arsenal.” NBC goes with “cache” and says he had “100 rounds of ammunition, including armor-piercing bullets.”

Landladies like that are one excellent reason to own your own home.

5 thoughts on “So how bad is New York?

  1. C W

    Supposedly, he was a convicted felon at the time of his arrest which would have made any amount of firearms in his possession”illegal”. I’m not very sympathetic with felons owning firearms, unless their felony was non-violent and isolated.

    1. Hognose Post author

      Well, that does put another spin on it. Still, I’ve seen felons’ arsenals, and as “arsenal” goes, this one’s pretty… meh. The guy is not a sympathetic character at all… the more you read about him, the more he seems like a jerk. If he’s an ex-con, too, well, that’s not really shocking.

  2. Ryan

    Reminds me of a few years ago when a buddy of mine and I decided to make the trip from Idaho to Wisconsin through Canada. Getting out of the U.S. was easy, but coming back in at the top of Minnesota we were stopped at the checkpoint and detained while they searched my car. After they were done they came in and one of them asked us, “Which of you is the one with the knife fetish?” They had found two knives; a boot knife and an older bayonet I had forgotten about, both of which were apparently illegal to bring back into the U.S. because they had more than one edge. The way they gathered around when they took the bolt cutters to them made me think they were really bored. But yeah, two knives constitutes a fetish?

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  4. C J

    Well, if he’s an excon. Wasn’t it illegal for him to have any weapons. Looks like gun laws are working real good in NuYawk. You northeasterners deserve everything that happens to you. How did you vote in the last election numbnuts?

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