In which we ID a gun here, ’cause comments there don’t work

So a blog, “Gears of Guns,” has an “ID that gun” post, and no one has got it yet. Geez, that’s right up our alley.

Here’s the gun:


Another view:

9A91 separated

Of course, that’s obvious, isn’t it? Maybe it isn’t, so we’ll walk you through it. Starting just forward of the cheekweld, looks like an AK receiver cover. Interesting folding charging handle. No sights, clearly meant to be used with an optic mounted on the left-side rail, and clearly meant to be used with the detachable suppressor. The grips resemble former Soviet practice; the stock current Russian. And the magazine is straight, suggesting it’s for a cartridge without a lot of taper, but the mag clearly has two different widths, so it’s for a necked cartridge, and one much longer than the pistol round you’d expect in a sub-gun sized package like this.

So, what is it? It is indeed a Russian suppressed carbine. The magazine holds 20 rounds of 9 x 39mm, which is a 7.62 x 39 case blown out to hold a 9mm cartridge. It’s generally a long, subsonic round (there are a good dozen weapons that chamber it); think of it as an analogue to the .300 Whisper. This weapon is used primarily by Russian police reaction and CT forces, by border guards, by Ministry of the Interior mobs-for-jobs, and other, mostly non-military, users. To the best of our knowledge it has not been exported.even to Russian clients in the “near abroad.”

If it has a nickname, we don’t know what it is, only its weapons-catalog nomenclature, 9A91.

So we tried to post that on the site, and he had the same Captcha bug that Forgotten Weapons used to have occasionally. Maybe a lot of others had the answers before us.

5 thoughts on “In which we ID a gun here, ’cause comments there don’t work

  1. Michael Pham

    You should check out KARDEN’s blog if you want to read about modern Russian small arms beyond the AK.

    Well, I say “read”, but basically look at the pictures unless you read Russian. Also, its mainly his opinions on the tools he uses (and how he improves them to suit his purposes), so not much info on history or operating mechanisms.

    9 x 39 is a really interesting round and the Russians are the only ones I know of who issue a purpose built subsonic armor penetrator like the 9A91 or Val or Vintorez.

    1. Hognose Post author

      That’s the beauty of a career in SF — you wind up crudely functional in a bunch of languages.

      The first guys into Afghanistan were from the Agency and 5th Group, and the 5th Group guys were current in Arabic. Of course, Arabic is barely spoken in Afghanistan (some nomads in the south and a very few extremely religious mullahs who have studied in Arabia or Egypt). So they wound up speaking Russian to their Northern Alliance guys. Well, bad Russian. American speaks bad Russian to guy who was in Soviet era Afghan Army and knows bad Russian. He repeats in Dari (Afghan Farsi) to American’s counterpart. Counterpart replies in Dari, ex-Soviet dude speaks bad Russian to American. Imagine a game of telephone through two non-native and not very good speakers.

      Fortunately, it’s WAY easier to read a foreign language (a passive skill) than to speak it (active skill).

      Thanks for the Karden recommedation. Xorosho! (Good!) It looks like they’re going in heavily for the same modularity we’ve been practicing for 20 years and a few….

      1. Michael Pham

        Hah! I bet there were some amusing misunderstandings. Or at least, that’s how I hope they turned out, after being tense misunderstandings.

        Man, you SF guys are too cool.

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