The veteran versus the vet-hating politician

Richard D. Holcomb. He's not on the insurgents' side, but he's the kind of guy that'll listen to their offer.

Richard D. Holcomb. He’s not on the insurgents’ side, but he’s the kind of guy that’ll listen to their offer.

Sean Bujno is a veteran of the war in Iraq. Richard D. “Rick” Holcomb isn’t a vet, doesn’t much like vets, and enjoys being in a position to damage them. He is a lawyer by training but not by trade: his lifelong concern has been the graft and gropery of politics, where his principles, or lack of them, have guided him to serve many masters of various parties and viewpoints, but mostly, himself. Lately, several Virginia governors have named him head of the state Division of Motor Vehicles, which is the same agglomeration of grifting payroll patriots and time-serving hack that it is in the other 49 states, and he has been a fine king of this crabbed and crooked kingdom.

So Mr Bujno wanted a license plate for his vehicle, which has the poor fortune to register in Virginia. He sought the vanity plate: “ICUHAJI.” That didn’t violate any of the written guidelines, but Holcomb personally intervened to ensure he couldn’t have it.

You see, Holcolmb’s current liege is an anti-military, anti-war, and anti-veteran Democrat, Bob O’Donnell. So Holcomb is anti-military, anti-war, and anti-veteran. Denied! (SFX: rubber stamp).

Washington Times story here. Bujno’s court filing here.

We don’t know Sean Bujno personally but we have seen the type, and it’s a fighting type. He’s now appealing to an actual court where, mirabile dictu, the last word will not be Mr. Holcomb’s and that man’s ability to overbalance the scales of justice is limited.

Bujno might win, or he might lose. As a vet, he’s been there before.

We see you, hadji. And your little bureaucrat, too.