Let’s all be safe out there

Here’s Clint Smith of Thunder Ranch from last year, laying down vast quantities of common sense (real common sense, not some numbnuts politician’s idea of “common sense”) on a subject near and dear to our hearts: gun safety. Five and a half minutes of your life which an awful lot of dead and wounded people could really have used.


It’s really simple. “I’m on the target, I’m on the trigger. I’m off the target, I’m off the trigger.”

“SWAT cops shoot each other all the time, Army people kill each other all the time.” Sad and true.

“How many of you have been in a gunfight? And how many of you have tripped and fallen? And which have you done more often?”

“If you’re scared of the dark, turn on the light… or get rid of your guns.”

Preach it, brother Clint.

4 thoughts on “Let’s all be safe out there

  1. Medic09

    Ah, but the worst has been when I’ve tripped and fallen in a gunfight. How humiliating. (Though not as much as the time I slept through a gunfight…)

    1. Hognose Post author

      Heh. It’s kind of funny how basic autonomous nervous system functions, like locomotion, can go screwy when yer amygdala starts pinging. Nothing quite like sliding one way whilst your rifle slides the other, neither direction being towards desperately needed cover.

      Never slept through a gunfight, but I was woken up by a shotgun blast six feet away. (I’d nodded off in the stopped GMV while a lot of palaver was going on, on the subject of a locked door of a storeroom that we believed had a weapons cache. My buddy woke me up when he solved the problem with the “12-gauge universal key.” The aggrieved property owner then told our terp, “I was going to open up! I just needed a little more negotiation to keep face!”)

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