Wednesday Weapons Website of the Week:

Gunmart logoWe’re big believers in linking back the guys that link us, and lately several of our stories have been picked up in Gunmart’s Daily Firearm News update. Since they’ve been so kind as to deliver new readers to our humble web abode, we ought to be neighborly and return the favor.

Think of their Daily Firearm News posts as an even leaner version of what our friends at  The Gun Wire put out. But while The Gun Wire is a whole page of curated daily gun news links, a bit like a gun-culture Drudge Report, Gunmart’s report is (1) not all they do, and (2) generally much shorter. (It doesn’t take a rocket surgeon to figure that those two facts are probably closely related).

For example, the link for 20 February 13 has fewer than 25 links on it, while Gun Wire has dozens every day. Which one you prefer will probably be a matter of personal style and preference. We’re currently checking both, because we don’t have to choose just one. If we did, we’d probably lean more to the Gun Wire approach.

But the other, non-daily-list stuff on Gunmart is good too. Here’s a heartfelt little post for those of you who work in gun shops, for instance. And another one. (Like him, we really don’t care for being muzzled by anybody, but it’s particularly galling when it’s a professional that does it). Here’s an example of one of their reviews. (Hmmm. We were familiar with SIRT training pistols, but not this AR training bolt. Gotta get one and try it out).

PS… yeah, this was actually posted in the wee hours of Thursday and backdated.

3 thoughts on “Wednesday Weapons Website of the Week:

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  2. Peter

    Found this, and thought I’d pass it along in case you are looking for another good WWWW. It’s a near-real time listing of who online has ammo, sorted by caliber and price/round.

    Been following the blog since December 2011, and read every post. Great reading, mate.

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