AR is for ARtistry, redux… Turnbull TAR-15

Back in July, 2012, we showed you the Turnbull AR-10 and expressed our admiration for the workmanship, craftmanship, that went into the rifle.

Now in February, Turnbull introduces the TAR-15 version. Like the TAR-10, the baby Turnbull AR has CNC-machined billet steel receivers (upper and lower) finished with classic color case-hardening. Some people love this look on an AR, some don’t. Here’s an eyeful for you (click to embiggen further).

TAR15 RightW

Obviously that’s an early prototype, lacking a bolt and carrier, but endowed with very fine-figured walnut. (Or maybe they got caught in the same worldwide BCG shortage that’s rumored to be strangling Colt). As is customary with Turnbull guns, there’s essentially no limit to the customization (and expense) they’ll go to for you. Every TAR-15 is a work of art, but you can negotiate with them the construction of a personal work of art.

It is, of course, contraband in New York — the state where it is made.

The best news: the base price of the TAR-15 is a very reasonable $2,495. That’s half the entry point of the much-admired TAR-10 from a few months ago. Ready to get on the list? Call Bob Chipman at (585) 657-6338 or go to the link above and email him.

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