Boston cop shoots up Nashua, NH hotel

Gary-McKeon mugshotThe man was armed and dangerous, but the cops waited him out for nearly eight hours, even though he ventilated his hotel room with four shots. Maybe it was because they knew he was a cop himself — and his relatives had called them, warning that he was suicidal and armed.

Maybe they just felt that they had him contained and could outwait him. Or maybe they didn’t want to be the implement of a suicide-by-cop. But for whatever reason, they passed up a justifiable excuse to blow Gary McKeon to Kingdom Come, and instead took him quietly into custody.

Prosecutors said McKeon yelled at police when they arrived at the hotel, saying, “Come through the door, and I will shoot you in the head and then kill myself.”

Police evacuated guests from the fourth floor.

Police said McKeon fired four shots while in the hotel. He is also accused of pointing a firearm toward police, but no one was injured.

via MBTA detective on leave accused of firing gun at Nashua hotel | Local News – WCVB Home.

McKeon’s unusual behavior turned out to have its genesis in the most usual of human problems — a falling out with his girlfriend that led to a restraining order and suspension from his job as a detective with the MBTA, Boston’s subway and mass transit agency.

We have observed that a great many men’s problems begin with the delusion that one woman is fundamentally different from another.

He was somewhat the worse for alcohol at the time of the incident, but sober or no, was in violation of New Hampshire and Federal firearms laws by being armed whilst under restraining order. (Not to mention shooting up a hotel room and threatening the Nashua cops with his gun).

The Nashua PD is to be commended for the restraint its officers exercised, at considerable risk to their own lives, to apprehend McKeon without bloodshed. Hauled before a judge, the man who will probably soon be an ex-cop admitted, “I need help.” He may not realize he has already had a great deal of it, from those brave officers as well as from his family and friends who called the police on him in the first place.

Sure, he has many problems today, but being dead isn’t one of them. There is that.


Same news source (WCVB-TV, Boston), same day, same apparent motivation, same loss of control; different cop, different wigged-out behavior. Sandwich is a generally safe community on bucolic Cape Cod. Neither of these incidents really proves anything. Maybe that police officers are selected from the same imperfect human clay as the rest of our race. At least the Sandwich guy didn’t use a gun as his weapon.

3 thoughts on “Boston cop shoots up Nashua, NH hotel

  1. LEO

    We have a LOT of bad apples in law enforcement, but and I would be first to call any situation I have the facts on exactly how I see it. But, I hope WM isn’t becoming the place to go to read about fucked up cops? God knows we have enough douchebaggery going on out here. And now that lately these douchebag cops that have stuck their heads out of a hole, they’re are aiding in the movie watching, bed wetting, left-wing, cop hating crowds (not you guys) perceptual-set of cops. We hire from the human race, and demonstratively quite a few jackasses get through the process, with varying levels of sanity. As for this incident, I hate to say it, but cop or not, suicide by cop or not, someone points the dumb side of gun at me, under those circumstances, we’re not having this huggy-feely discussion about restraint. “Restraint” is bullshit. Basically, the officers rolled the dice. It has zero to do with restraint, and everything to do with this fucktarded douches lack of stated intent. In the end, they/he lucked out that they/he didn’t have the stones to press the trigger on a fellow cop. Shitty situation, not matter how you slice, it. Maybe my family is crazy, but they want me home at the end of the shift, and I’m not leaving my safety in he hands of a shit-head who is displaying questionable sanity, with finite consequences. Also i’m not having my department name a 10k run after me because some booger-eating cop put 230 grns into my grape, all because I was trying to get him the hugs he needed. A cop squeezing off rounds in a hotel, can get all the help he wants and needs, from the rubber gun squad, prior to his firing and criminal proceedings. This guys a jagg-off! Other than that, I have no opinions on the matter.

    1. Hognose Post author

      You’re right that these guys took an incredibly big risk. People think they can anticipate what a nut job is going to do next… hell’s bells. It’s hard to anticipate what your wife is going to do next, and the one defining characteristic of nut jobs is that they’re nucking futs.

      It seems like a lot of them self-medicate with booze and opiates, and that adds stupid to the crazy.

      In military SOF they can always send you back down to whatever outfit you came from. Sometimes a guy with severe personal problems can get hold of them and soldier his way out of it. Sometimes it’s beyond that.

      One wonders what amount of this insanity is physiological, and we just haven’t broken the code yet.

      A very good officer we know finally gave up on one self-destructive, crazy-acting combat vet and hastened his route to civilian life. Where doctors discovered the guy had variant Creuzfeldt-Jakob disease (essentially mad cow for humans) and his behavioral problems were the result of his illness. Nothing could be done to save his life (or his mind) but they were able to correct his military record.

      Still… in the absence of knowledge of what the underlying condition is, you have to act on the behavior presented. I don’t think anyone could have faulted the Nashua cops for blowing this guy away, but they were there, they made the call they made, he lives to face the music and/or get help.

  2. R.A.F

    I have had a guy trying to commit suicide by cop. He made clear, verbal threats on my life and brandished two knives and a hammer. He said that he was going to die. He then came at me. Now, I’m all in favour of shooting people that need shooting. But: For some reason, I maced him instead of shooting him. I really did not want to be a part of his suicide. I felt it was a perverse act.
    Perhaps the cops in this instance felt something similar. I dunno.

    Oh, and I laughed at this part: “…a great many men’s problems begin with the delusion that one woman is fundamentally different from another.” Too bloody true.

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