We generally don’t recommend bringing kung fu to a gunfight…

Kung-Fu-Panda-kung-fu-panda-1543315-2308-2560…but in this case, it seems to have gone down a bomb.

Byung Jin Kang, 21, got out of his car with pulled a .32 caliber gun on the victim.
The victim talked to Kang and convinced him to put the gun away. He then used his martial arts training to wrestle the gun away.

via Newton man wrestles gun away from suspect in road rage incident | MetroWest – WCVB Home.

The guy has some rad skills… first, he talked a road-rage dude into putting the gun away, then he took it from him. Kang ran away but the police now have custody of both Kang, who’s held on $5k bail, and Kang’s .32, for which Kang was lacking the requisite permit. He and the gun will be reunited — briefly, in court, if the case proceeds to trial.

So while bringing kung fu to a gunfight (or karate, hap ki do, or whatever it was) is normally counterindicated, this case suggests a couple new rules:

  1. Don’t go pulling guns on people who might know kung fu.
  2. If you do, don’t let the guy talk you into lowering your guard.


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