Wednesday Weapons Website of the Week: SADJ

This shot of Afghan Police hardware is typical of SADJ content that's not duplicated anywhere else.

This shot of Afghan Police hardware is typical of SADJ content that’s not duplicated anywhere else. The original article breaks down the source, accessories and mods of each AK variant here. 

SADJ is “Small Arms Defense Journal,” and it’s a sister website to Small Arms of the World, the website related to the MG collectors’ journal, Small Arms Review. The website is 

While SAR generally serves collectors and technology buffs. SADJ is oriented more towards the industry — both manufacturers and end users of modern small arms. To give you an idea of the scope of the site, the current featured stories are:

  • Armalite AR-10A — this is the current one, not the old Hollywood/Holland one
  • Afghan Uniformed Police Weapons and summary
  • SHOT Show 2013 recap
  • Croatian VHS — not an old videotape, a new AR that looks externally like an Adriatic FAMAS
  • USMC Precision Weapons Section
  • 4th Generation Glock — New Standards for Perfection (we like Glock as much as the next guy, but that surely smells of press release).

You’ll recognize the names of several of the contributors.

We think you’ll enjoy the site, and we thank the anonymous tipster who reminded us that we ought to flag it here.