AK to shovel… to AK

Michael Warren is one of those 60s perma-hippie lefty lawyer types who stays engaged with the cause du jour of the left — in this case, hostility to the second amendment and guns in general. He has bought and offered for sacrifice an AK, which will be beaten into a plowshare in accordance with one of those scriptures that cafeteria Christians and “liberation theology” types (the misguided “Jesus was the first Communist” bunch) love. A Colorado Springs lefty blog reports: antigun lawyer


Yesterday Michael Warren killed his gun.

The local attorney donated his Bulgarian-made AK-47 to the “Guns-to-Garden Tools” project. And according to the press release, the gun was chopped to bits, to be re-made in the spirit of Isaiah 2:4: “They will beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks. Nation will not take up sword against nation, nor will they train for war anymore.”

via Recycling an AK-47 | IndyBlog.

shovel that became AKNow, Boris is not an attorney. But he spent his years growing up in exactly the society Michael Warren would like to see arise here, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics to be specfic. Boris hasn’t even been able to leave the mothering strength of state socialism behind — he lives in Massachusetts today. But he does appreciate what freedom he’s got, and what freedom Warren and his likes would take from him.

So Boris beat a shovel…. into an AK. There’s a monster thread on his build on Northeastshooters.com and you really should Read The Whole Thing™. But we’ll give you just a taste to whet your appetite. It began when he saw a photo from Iraq of an insurgent’s AK that had had a broken stock replaced with a shovel’s D-handle. With that in the back of his mind, he went for a drive.

When I was driving through VT backroads this fall, I stopped at a gun shop and seeing a few ARs made me feel gay enough to visit a dilapidated “antique barn” where farmers sell authentic shit from the local dump to idiot tourists. When I smelled a much stronger odor of cow shit, I saw this shovel and the image of the AK handle came to my exasperated mind. Flustered old dude was suspicious of a comrade in a BMW, on less traveled gravel roads of VT, who barely spoke English and needed a shit shovel “for my trunk” but let it go for $2. That’s the best $2 I ever spent, closely behind that one time in Montreal – but that’s another story.

Annealing shovelSo, taking the shit shovel back to his workshop, he cut off the handle to make an AK butt, which made his cat question his sanity (you have to see the pictures. You must go to the thread). Then he figured, why stop there? He took the blade of the shovel and annealed it, so that it was malleable.


AK receiver in progressAnd then beat it into an AK receiver, just like the ones from the factory, only about three times as thick and strong like tractor. He bent it using the usual AK bending jig, although he seems to have killed his hydraulic press in the process. (Stalin says: some sacrifices may be required for building of socialism). He hacked out the various openings with a plasma torch.

He had a couple of strips of shovel left over and they became the rails. An el-cheapo barrel blank was welded to the trunnion and front sight base… then he riveted the whole mess together. It looks like product of All-Union Traktor and AK Factory No. 246 on the Free Vodka Friday before May Day weekend. And he took it to the range.

complete? shit shovel AK

Boris’s complete shit shovel AK. Click to embiggen.

Where, of course, it ran like an AK.

Like we said, should Read The Whole Thing™. We have honestly only given you a taste.

So, let’s recap this little journey. We left Colorado Springs where some fat, 60s-throwback ambulance chaser was promising to have an AK beaten into a garden implement. We arrived in Massachusetts, where another guy (with a much better sense of humor, not to mention craftsmanship) actually beat a garden implement into an AK.

Odds are good that Michael Warren and Boris will never meet. (For one thing, Boris is employed in the productive economy). But not much question here, who’s the man.

4 thoughts on “AK to shovel… to AK

  1. Earl Johnson

    I recall reading the article when it came out. Having built one using using a flat I concur that was a hell of a job. Also tells you how great a rifle the AK is. Also machined out an Ar and the AK is way easier.

  2. Tom Schultz

    Those who beat their swords into plowshares will plow for those who don’t
    (Blatantly stolen from Thos. Jefferson, I think)

  3. Darkwater

    I can’t remember the name of the congressman, but I do remember his comment on the occasion of our operation to free Grenada back in 1983, after we ended up having to fight the Cuban “agricultural workers” — “It’s amazing how quickly they turned their plowshares into AK-47s.”

    1. Hognose Post author

      Heh. There were Congressmen on both sides of that one. Ron Dellums was briefed on the assault, and he faxed the info to Grenada and Cuba. (Remember fax?)

      Gotta wonder what sort of Congressman has the fax number of the DGI (now the DI, given the commie practice of renaming terror organs every once in a while) in his office?

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