Nork Nukes: how’s that appeasement working?

BLOWING UP PARADISEThe US policy vis-a-vis North Korea, Iran and other nuclear proliferators has been one of timid appeasement, and now we see how well that’s worked out.

Nothing says responsible stewardship of national defense like seeing the latest round of concessions that VP Biden brought to Iran rejected with contempt, and the President’s promise to “engage with” Nork diplomatically turned into one more international humiliation.

But hey, that’s OK. The USS Abraham Lincoln is going to be mothballed because we’ve spent our 40%-borrowed budget on giving corpulent welfare leeches “free” cell phones, and otherwise, as the President says, “Investing in America.” We can’t afford to refuel the nuclear ship, and the mismanagers of the DOD didn’t see it coming, and didn’t care when it was upon them.

Let’s cut every SES in DOD to GS-9 salary and perks for the duration of the fiscal crisis. “But they’d leave!” defense intellectuals cry. Hey! That makes it a win-win. Perhaps we can convince the Norks to pick them up off the waiver wire and screw up their military programs.

Investment, n. Money applied to a business or project in hopes of realizing a gain.

Waste, n. Money given to worthless slugs who have never shifted for themselves and have no idea how, which is money guaranteed to vanish down the rathole, producing only demands for more.

The worthless slugs could  be the never-employed welfare class, or the employed-but-strangers-to-work GS/GG/SES class. Same deficient character, different handout expectations.  But in any case, you can’t expect the DOD suits to be effective when the leadership at the top is feeble and disinterested.

We may have some info on the technology of he Nork nuke later, if there’s any credible and releasable information to be had.


You want to see more proof that Washington is in way, way, over its overpaid, overcredentialed, undereducated head? Look who the National Nuclear Security Agency has watching our nuclear secrets. A former Air Force Colonel whose last active duty assignment flunked its nuc security inspection… and whose previous civilian job was as a manager of a Target department store.

It reads like it’s from the Onion, but it comes from the left-wing Mother Jones, and their source is the anti-American, anti-military “Project on Government Oversight.”  So they certainly don’t wish the American nuclear deterrent well. But, on the other hand, did whatever bozo appointed this bozo wish the American nuclear deterrent well?