LAPD chases rogue cop, lets other crimes drop

chris-dorner-11NOTE: This was set to be published on 2/12 at 20:00 but for whatever reason it didn’t go. So it’s going up backdated, but was actually sent live on 2/13 at about 17:39. The only edit is this comment, but the rest of the post is clearly OBE. Published for completeness only.¬†

The LAPD’s stunning mismanagement of the search for rogue LA ex-cop Chris Dorner continues. In fact, it has so obsessed the police department that they’re not responding to 911 calls or other crimes. Their focus is on protecting the fifty LAPD officials named in Dorner’s manifesto and ambushing people driving vehicles like Dorner’s, and that’s where it’s going to stay until they kill him.

“We’ll continue to go until we have Mr. Dorner in custody, and the threat has ceased,” LAPD Lt. Andy Neiman said Monday.

That is a tall order —¬†costly not in dollars, Los Angeles Police Department Chief Charlie Beck said, but also in public safety.

“While this continues, our ability to do other things — to respond to 911, to do criminal investigations, to do community relations events, is crippled,” Beck said.

via LAPD “Crippled” by Dorner Search, Limited in Response to Other Crimes | NBC Southern California.

Reportedly, the LAPD’s arsenal includes Predator and Reaper armed drones on loan from the military, which are potentially a bad mix with the department’s irresponsible use of force so far.

don't shoot not dornerIf they’re looking to discredit Dorner’s manifesto message that the department is badly led and reckless about use of force, they’re doing it wrong.

Meanwhile, LA residents, doubly victimized by the police’s “fangs out” approach to the Dorner hunt and neglect of regular policing, have tried to protect themselves. They’re deploying “Don’t Shoot Me, I’m Not Chris Dorner” signs, bumper stickers, and t-shirts.

Good idea. Make it big enough so the drone can see, folks.


Looks like the endgame for Dorner. He apparently was holed up in a cabin, holding two innocents hostage. He fled and released them, but was sighted by a wildlife officer and exchanged gunfire (to no effect on either side). After wounding two more cops, he’s supposed to be barricaded in a cabin. BBC Story. LA Times LA Now Blog has extensive coverage.

Dorner’s as good as dead now. The police are not interested in taking him alive. He, conversely, is probably not interested in living, but he may want to take more cops with him. How he goes on that will pretty much drive whether he commits suicide in the next few hours.

8 thoughts on “LAPD chases rogue cop, lets other crimes drop

  1. LEO

    I will be the first to admit, as an LAPD Officer, that 60 % of the cops we have are sub par, as best. But labeling the LAPD as a whole for the head in ass shooting of the two Asian paper ladies is like labeling the entire US Army for the friendly fire killing of Pat Tillman. Using that logic, is flawed at best. Again not defending the actions of the shooting at one of the PSD’s, but I was on duty when it went down, not there, but close by and heard the BOLO by El Segundo PD,that presided the shooting, that they had just spotted Dorners truck driving erratically, exiting the freeway at the 105 freeway and Supelveda BLVD, last scene in an unknown direction on Century BLVD. Travel time is approximately 15-20 minutes, at 0500 hrs to the location of the shooting. The BOLO stated that when ESPD, spotted the vehicle, they attempted to turn around and catch up, but the vehicle was no where to be seen. Mind you, this is just several hours after Dorner had ambushed the LAPD Newton Officers, then ambushed the Riverside PD Officers, killing one, and wounding the other. He was said to be headed west on the 15, as his last known direction of travel, prior to El Sugundo PD’s broadcast. Again, not defending the shooting, just supplying a little inside baseball to the incident. They should have known that the vehicle wasn’t the same vehicle, and that at that time of the AM, it’s commonplace for people delivering newspapers to have their hazard lights on and drive on both sides of the road. I don’t have the facts on the shooting, other than there were multiple shooters. But my unit is an undercover unit and were close enough that our division was simulcast on El Segundo PD’s observations. We then heard the HELP call broadcast on Hollywood DIV frequency, so we switched over and heard the whole situation over the net, real time. The Officers requested help, shots fired, then an ambulance. The RTO kept asking, as did, Hollywood watch commander and METRO supervisor, “Are all Officers accounted for, and is the suspect down or outstanding? There was an uncomfortable silence and Torrance PD was also repeatedly asking if the suspect was in pocket or not? Finally an officer stated that the truck was still outstanding, hence the Torrence PD situation, where they rammed a black pick up truck, attempting to flee the area… Cannot say that I blame the guy driving the black truck for trying to get the F out of Dodge…. Nor the TPD guys for trying to stop, what they believed to be, based on the untimely and confusing info from LAPD. Probably because there was some serious ass puckering going on when they actually got up to the truck. But, the Upper ranks of the LAPD should have known there was going to be a high probability of a bad situation, due to the fact that they had no operationally sound plan to address the unconventional warfare practiced by Dorner. He was no trigger puller down range, but he did not our SOP’s and TTP’s and if not for some bad luck on his end (with the disabled truck) may have been popping in and out of obscurity , and inflicting damage for quite some time. Our upper ranks showed their incompetence in the Dorner debacle, and we’re lead by the operationally inept. Anyway, I figured I would give a quick hint as to the series of events that put the officers on edge. Again, no excuse, but that’s the rest of the story. Not putting my usual “Name” because my department (specifically the Command Staff REMF’s) is very short sighted in sharing information and transparency. Unless it’s in waxing intellectual with the rest of the REMF’s and talking the talk, but not walking the walk in the media.

    Stay Safe all…

    1. Hognose Post author


      Mind your topknot.

      One thing we haven’t covered, and probably should have, is all the sick fucks cheering Dorner on … including half the online faces on the frickin’ cable news networks. I bitched at cardio rehab and got them to take the news channels off and give us cartoons, sports, food channel, anything but stuff that’s going to give us all another freakin’ MI.

      1. Hognose Post author

        ETA: the FF shooting of Tillman, and the botched cover-up, was a black and shameful day in the history of the Army and the Ranger Regiment. No two ways about it, it’s a stain that won’t go away. We own it.

        Most people don’t know but for years every shooting in Afghanistan has had at least two investigations, a 15-6 and preliminaries for an Article 32, that are essentially adversarial.

        1. LEO

          Obviously what sucks most is the loss Tillman. But that said, no one with a modicum of sense believes that the guys who did the shooting, that caused Tillmans demise, did so on purpose. It is an unfortunate albatross they will wear for the rest of their lives. It was a shitty situation, but the adversarial approach by the investigators is embarrassing.

          Conversely on this LAPD shooting, they should have known better….At least one swinging dick should have taken command and control of that PSD and asserted themselves. But they didn’t. The only good thing is that those ladies didn’t die. But, you’re right, we own it. I just had painting with a broad brush.

  2. LEO

    OH, and as for Dorners manifesto, he was correct on several things. But he lost any and all morale high-ground when he shot Monica and Kieth. after that he was just another piece of shit scumbag.

    1. Hognose Post author

      Would anyone have read his manifesto without the murders? But you’re right, his right to petition the gov for redress of grievances does not include the right to murder the people who pissed him off, let alone their innocent relatives. They did nothing to him! And even if they did he can’t go around killing them.

      I wonder sometimes if people watch all these TV and movie revenge fantasies and cops and criminals acting with complete disregard for other people, and then they take that attitude on board, and next thing you know they’re some asshole in prison with a freaking fan club.

  3. LEO

    You’re right Sir, but I spoke to a Team guy who MOD’d up with Dorner a couple years back. He said, the guy was a pretty bright guy, but a bit of a douche. He was clearly smart enough to have found a different arena to air his stated mistreatment. And hey, who knows, they’re looking at the case again right now, and if they do in fact find that Dorner was unduly fired, the heads of those involved will roll in a very loud and grotesque manner. And if they are found to have lied, thus aiding in this crackpot killing innocent people, their heads should roll. And if it’s found that the training officer lied and did in fact kick the 5150 subject in the grill, and Dorner was right, then the Feds may go after her for excessive force under the color of authority…. A BIG no-no, if proven. HAs for his coarse of action, he could have gotten some slapdick demographic imperative out here to listen to him and then possibly had his situation put on a bigger stage by a friendly in an influential position. He (Dorner) tossed out the race card a little to often in his diatribe, for my bullshit meter, not to get stuck on FULL. But the one time that he called out his classmate for gratuitously using the “N” word, seems like it did occur. The classmate got 22 days, the maximum penalty that can be given, short of dismissal. But I believe the classmate was also black, which kept him from being fired. If he were white? He would no longer be employed by the LAPD. In short, he had additional avenues he could have used, but he chose to take the wrong one. Been a cop for 15 years, and according to Dorner I was an HVT, just wish he would have attempted to engage us out in the office and darkened my doorstep, instead of the innocent victims. But in 15 years, I’ve seen a lot of mediocrity, none more than now, but never seen outright malicious police brutality. And i’ve been the hammer and I’ve been the nail. Suspects mostly pick the direction of the encounter. Shits not pretty when it goes sideways, as I know you guys, here at Weaponsman know better than most, but it is what it is. Bottom line is that he chose to be a piece of shit, instead of a redress of his grievances. Hollywierd would have made him a millionaire with his story. But, he lost all credibility when he shot innocent civilians. It’s all a shame.

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