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rangerette-benjaminA sharply worded letter to the editor on the subject of standards in the military makes some astringent points.The author: George Mason economist Walter E. Williams. Emphasis and paragraph divisions ours.

The “USMA report on the Integration and Performance of Women at West Point”, cited by Mackubin Thomas Owens, in Proceedings (July 1998) reveals sex-norming schemes whereby women receive A grades for the same performance that earns a man a D. Navy women pass physical readiness tests by performing 11% fewer sit-ups, 53% fewer push-ups, and running 1.5 miles 27% slower than men.

The Marine Corps discovered that only 45% of female Marines could toss a hand grenade beyond its burst radius; one Army study reported only 12% could. Navy studies show that only 12% of women can accomplish the two-person stretcher carry, a requirement critical to ship security. Women may be able to drive a five-ton truck, but need a man’s help if they must change a tire. Women can fire field artillery pieces but often can’t handle the ammunition.

via Race and Sex in the Military.

The date? October 1st.


Ranger Training Brigade CoinWilliams’s irritation was due to a statement by then-Commandant “Brute” Krulak that the USMC would henceforth have a racial quota for officers. He went on to point out that, without race- or sex-norming standards, the services seemed to get good officers, and the Army even got close to the Marines’ desired percentage of black officers, without having to set separate standards and thereby create doubts about all black officers’ abilities. He shamed Krulak into repudiating the quota document — which had his own signature on it.

Williams, of course, thought that a sex-normed but criterion-dereferenced standard for combat troops, as the grenade-toss statistics showed, was absolute lunacy. Guess what? It’s coming.

This was the last time there was a press on to drop standards to make the numbers come out on quota. Read The Whole Thing™.

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  1. Aesop

    I’m sure this was an oversight, but “Brute” Krulak was in fact a Lt. Gen. of Marines (from 1964-69) and the father of Gen. Charles Krulak, the Commandant (1995-1999), during the period of the article in question.

    Moreover, it’s unlikely that Walter Williams, Hurrican Katrina, or a herd of pitbulls on crack could shame “Brute” Krulak into doing anything he didn’t want to do, since by all accounts he lost his shot at becoming Commandant himself in 1968 when he told LBJ that his micromanaging of the Vietnam War was needlessly getting his Marines killed, whereupon His Nibbs walked over to all 5’4″ of the Brute, turned him around, propelled him out of the Oval Office, and shut the door behind him without listening to another word.

    A guy with a Navy Cross for leading Marines at Guadalcanal and that isn’t afraid of a sitting U.S. president isn’t going to wet his pants over much of anything else.

    Keep blogging. You’re a good read.

    1. Hognose Post author

      Thanks for the correction on Krulaks. What’s that line about “no one really undestands Marines except Marines, and the enemy?” Neither of which a Marine will find here.

      That Brute was on LBJ’s shit list is a big mark in his favor. LBJ had arranged to have himself rewarded a phony Silver Star, and he shoved it in the face of military officers frequently, as if he had earned it. I think he was a very insecure man, actually.

      We regret the error and if time permits will correct it. Thanks for commenting and for the kind words!

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