Rare chance: help an SF guy

Josh Gillette 5th SFGAThis is a story about a man and his dog.

In October of 2012, SFC Josh Gillette, a member of 5th Group, was conducting a dismounted patrol in the Helmand Province along with his ODA Team and his Explosives Detection K-9, Banan. Little did he know, that patrol would change his life in ways he hadn’t imagined.

SFC Gillette and Banan were sweeping a structure atop a hill for IED’s. Banan lead the way with Josh following behind as they began searching the rooms for devices. It wasn’t long until his K-9 was alerted to a potential IED, and Josh was aware that he and Banan may have walked over the device several times without realizing it.

Hat tip: Route Clearance: De Oppresso Liber.

You know what happened next. Josh and Banan got blow’d up. Banan was killed instantly, but Josh  is recovering at WRAMC.  (You can tell the guy at Route Clearance was a Marine turned regular Army, and not SF. “ODA Team” is redundant! But seriously, thanks for helping a brother out, reformed Leatherneck, we owe you one).

Josh’s brother Shain has been trying to raise $2500 to cover a few expenses that won’t be covered by the Army or the pretty-solid net of charities that support wounded SF warriors, like the Green Beret Foundation and the Special Operations Warrior Foundation, to name two. The good news is that Shain’s raised over three times his goal. The better news is that there’s still a couple days left for this to run, so we can get in on it.