IMFDB gets the treatment from LA Times

Screen shot 2013-02-11 at 8.04.45 AMIn this case, “the treatment” is primarily an honest and positive article about the Internet Movie Firearms Data Base (IMFDB), a previous Wednesday Weapons Website of the Week here, and its founder, Christopher Serrano.

Relying on the same wisdom-of-the-crowd model as Wikipedia, Christopher Serrano, 29, and a stable of about 300 regular volunteers have meticulously cataloged the weapons, along with screen shots, in more than 11,500 articles, including entries on underwater firearms, missile launchers and flame throwers. The site is laid out in a simple, schematic style, with pictures, quotes and trivia. But it’s the searchable database — similar to the Amazon-owned Internet Movie Database (IMDB) — that has made a resource for Hollywood prop masters, casual gun collectors and anyone looking to settle a bar bet about what kind of rifles Jamie Foxx is carrying in “Django Unchained” (a variant of a Sharps rifle and a Remington 1858 “Cattleman’s Carbine”).

Most visitors are drawn to the site after searching for information about the guns in a movie they just saw or a game they just played — lately “Skyfall” and the video game “Far Cry 3” are popular, according to Serrano.

Some stick around to discuss and debate the guns they see on screen — a user named Charon68, for instance, found James Bond carrying the small PPK anachronistic for a movie set in 2012, commenting, “As cool as the thing looks, the cartridge is woefully underpowered and would barely make a scratch with modern body armor.” Another user, Excalibur01 also weighed in:”I really wish we’d see other Walthers. Nothing wrong with ‘tradition’ but how about the newer P99 or the PPQ or the PPS?”

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Of course, because it is the LA Times, forever insecure about its fourth-city liberal bona fides, “the treatment” includes writer Rebecca Keegan grilling Serrano on whether he’s “glorifying: firearms. But all in all, Serrano reports he’s satisfied with the story, so we probably should be, too.

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  1. Earl Johnson

    It’ good there is a site where that info is. Also good that we can still find something interesting shown in a movie. We could end up like the australians with most everything gone.

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