Why join the Army?

Lord love a duck.

A drill sergeant asked his recruits to write a short piece on “why did you join?” This is an old drill trick, that is meant about 5% to find out the fact they ask for — really, most recruits join for a very few predictable reasons– and 95% to elicit facts about the recruit: English skills, general education and articulation level, etc. It tells you, among other things, who will masterĀ Task 071-100-0005 Perform a Function Check on an M4A1 Carbine the first time you teach it, and who will still be coaching-dependent three days later.

Anyway, here’s one troop’s version of “Why I joined the Army, Drill Sergeant”.


Some analysis at the site: http://www.businessinsider.com/bct-drill-sergeant-us-army-lord-of-the-rings-letter-really-private-2013-2