RIP, Chris Kyle

Chris Kyle with his .338 Lapua Magnum.

Chris Kyle with his .338 Lapua Magnum.

Chris Kyle, author of the war memoir American Sniper and well-known veteran of SEAL Team THREE, was murdered Saturday. He and a friend took a troubled vet, Eddie Routh, to the range, at the request of the vet’s mother, who volunteers at the school Chris’s kids attend, and who was acquainted with Chris and Taya Kyle.

Routh has a psychiatric diagnosis, not PTSD but something more like schizophrenia, and unknown to Chris and Chad Littlefield (his friend), was off his meds. What actually happened at the range is unknown, but the vet shot Chris and Chad with his handgun and then left, stealing Chris Kyle’s truck, and driving to his sister’s house in Midlothian, TX.

Eddie Routh. Via Pat Dollard.

Eddie Routh. Via Pat Dollard.

He told his sister and her husband what he had done, and then left for his own house. She called the police. The police went to his house, finding him home and Kyle’s black Ford truck there. The police surrounded Routh, pointing shotguns at him. In a possible attempt to commit suicide-by-cop, ┬áhe defied them, jumping back into Kyle’s truck. He was caught after an approximately one-hour chase when police stopped the truck with a spike strip.

Routh is charged with two counts of capital murder. It is possible that he will be found unfit to stand trial.

Chris Kyle in Iraq

Chris Kyle in Iraq with a Mk10 SASS.

Chris served in the Navy for ten years. His many awards include two Silver Stars, the nation’s third-highest combat valor award, and the Navy SEAL Trident.

Information is developing rapidly, we suggest:

  • WFAA-TV Dallas / Ft Worth
  • Pat Dollard, who found this picture of the shooter, and
  •, whose founder Brandon Lee was a friend of Chris’s

which were among the sources we used compiling this report last night.

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