That Was the Week that Was: 2013 Week 05

That was the week that was TW3We’re now 4 for 5 on posting TW3s in 2013.. but only 3 for 5 in posting them on time. It was a bit disruptive to haul off to the ER in the middle of last week’s work, but we’re caught up now and may even go back and plug the gap in the TW3. To get a handle on what we’re trying to do, looking at the TW3 for Week 3 should give you a handle on our posting schedule, which is as we say more aspirational than concrete — even when the flesh doesn’t literally fail us.

This will initially be posted without the links to the stories being live, and they’ll be retrofitted.

The Boring Statistics

This week’s output was very light. We posted only 16 posts and received only 13 comments by press time for this post, and a total of about 8,400 words. We have now posted over 100 posts this year, enroute to posting 1000 plus for the year. Our average post this week was about 560 words, although we had both very long (nearly 2,000 words) and very short (about a dozen) posts.

Comment of the Week

Take a look at the entire comment thread on the sick “hunters” who think it’s amusing to nail house cats with crossbows. Some of the commenters make really good points. Still doesn’t justify wounding an animal with a crossbow bolt, though.

The Week in Posts

Here’s the recap of our posts for this week:

  • Slowest Sunday Ever — spent paws up in hospital.
  • Please bear with us was a warning it was going to take some time to get the site stirring again.
  • Not all weapons are morally neutral… what sick cluck would make a device for brutally chopping off fingers? The mohammed worshippers, who else?
  • The Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show debacle got its own Limerick. No, we won’t give up the day job.
  • The new CENTCOM came up via SF and SOF and he’s a good guy.
  • On the Green Beret Second Amendment Letter, which 1,100 serving and ex-Green Berets signed.
  • Wednesday Weapons Website of the Week: GunCite has some good quotes (and a collection of too-good-to-be-true quotes that are, alas, not true).
  • Who wouldnʼt want a woman to be able to defend herself? Turns out, a Dayton gun control advocate is a violent felon, and specifically, a rapist. For him, an armed woman is an occupational hazard. The local press, who delight in promoting him, knew about his violent history, but helped him conceal it.
  • Flag-haters fight Thresher Memorial in Kittery, Maine.
  • In Chester, PA, home of the modern-day analog of the Keystone Kops, you can see Cops Failing Abysmally. We helpfully provide a video of two of Chester’s fattest finest whatever.
  • Victory on the Thresher Memorial. Remember those flag-haters? They lost.
  • Apologies for no PM post… the next post was a bear to get done.
  • The Past is Another Country: School of Musketry, MG Pioneers is an in-depth look at how machine gun training was done back when machine guns were novelties.
  • There are some sick people out there — shooting cats with crossbows.
  • Saturday Matinee 2013 No. 5: Gangster Squad. Our movie review hits an action flick with a retro vibe and plenty of cool 20th Century guns.
  • That Was the Week that Was: 2013 Week 05 — and now we’ve come full circle.

Going Forward

We think it’s time to make that revisit to printable hardware. We also have a really old book on explosives and incendiaries to turn you on to, a few lines about telescopes from a surprisingly old Army manual (and we’ll include the manual as a download for you), and some other things. We also have a pile of guns to clean and are trying to figure out how to make that into a blog post.