I have no problem with her practicing voodoo…

Middleboro Police booking photo of Myrna Antoine. Courtesy photoThat’s what the cop said in her arrest report, “I have no problem with her practicing voodoo.” You know there had to be a hell of a “but” coming. And there was:

“Myrna said she is from Haiti and she practices voodoo,” [Wareham, MA, police officer Simmone] Ryder wrote. “I told Myrna that I have no problem with her practicing voodoo. The problem was when she grabbed the machete.”

via Woman charged in machete attack on cops investigating arson spree | Boston Herald.

Ms. Myrna Antoine was holding a skull when she picked up a machete and started swinging it at the cops who were there to arrest her boyfriend and his stepson for dozens of arsons, thereby committing the serious offense of bringing a knife to what was very nearly a gunfight.

Looking down Simmone Ryder’s and other cops’ gun muzzles, Myrna decided that the voodoo spirits didn’t need the machete sacrament right that moment, and soon she was disarmed and cuffed-n-stuffed for the ride downtown.

The whereabouts of the skull are not reported, but it is believed to be assisting the Missing Persons Bureau with their enquiries.