There are some sick people out there

Hard as it i to believe, this is not one of these cats. It's a different cat, shot by a different creep  in a different country in 2009 -- with a similar crossbow. Waterboarding's too good for these guys....

Hard as it i to believe, this is not one of these cats. It’s a different cat, shot by a different creep in a different country in 2009 — with a similar crossbow. Waterboarding’s too good for these guys….

Every once in a while you read one that a simple Lord Love a Duck would not cover. This week we had the unskilled, untrained and uncivilized Chester, PA cops blowing dogs away with a wanton disregard for public safety that shocks the conscience. The week before that, although we didn’t cover it here, we had two Boulder, CO, police officers slink off into early retirement after shooting a tame elk that was a de facto neighborhood pet, and trying to lug the carcass to a butcher shop. All hail the mighty Nimrod! (Leave your badge on the desk). And today we have some creep — words fail us, and how often does that happen? — with a crossbow in California.

NEWMAN, Calif. — Authorities are looking for at least one person who shot five cats with crossbow darts in the Central California city of Newman.

KCRA-TV in Sacramento reports the cats were found last weekend with 6-inch darts lodged in their eyes, chests, shoulders and torso. One has died and four others are recovering from their injuries.

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This is also not a Sacramento victim. Ozzy here got nailed on Vancouver Island in BC (see update).

This is also not a Sacramento victim. Ozzy here got nailed on Vancouver Island in BC (see update).

How wrong is that, exactly? About as wrong as an Afghan’s tender love for a sweet young caprine. About as wrong as it gets. You don’t even have to like cats to recognize that they are not a game species, for crying out loud. You can be the most committed cat hater on Planet Terra, and curse the Fates every day that 101 Uses for a Dead Cat did not win the Nobel Prize for Literature, but you have to know this is wrong.

Taz -- a 2011 victim.

Taz — a 2011 victim.

In Sacramento, California, someone doesn’t. It’s unknown whether this recent spate of cat shootings is related to the still-unsolved Central California shooting of a pet tabby named Taz on Christmas week, 2011. Taz (image) was wounded in the right ear with what looks like a Barnett crossbow bolt, but recovered.

Another cat in Sacramento was mortally wounded by a similar bolt in 2009. For over 1,300 days there either has been a feline reign of terror by some wannabe William Tell, or something in the Inland Empire air is turning those kind California liberals and one-with-nature hippies into angry mutant cat killers.

The one thing that’s certain when crossbow-wounded kitties start showing up: there’s a sick puppy on the loose.

Diego had to be euthanized after this crossbow shot to the head in 2009.

Diego had to be euthanized after this crossbow shot to the head in 2009.

On a more serious level, when they find the boy or young man who is doing this, authorities and aware individuals need to beware of him forever. This is not a person whose hard-wiring is at all right. Sure, not every creep who commits animal cruelty graduates to humans, but a shockingly great percentage of murderers and torturers of humans started out like this guy.

But then, it is California. Nothing those people do should surprise us any more.


We were too quick to tee off on the fruits and nuts in California. It happens other places — here’s a news video about one in Indiana in 2009 — but it seems like the world capital of cat crossbow creeps is England. Not only did some crossbow-armed moral defective nail Dave (in the image above) in 2009, someone in a different London suburb shot two separate bolts into a cat named Pepsi in 2007 (second story with photo). In 2008, a crossbow cat attack in Wales led an animal welfare charity to warn that “these type of attacks were becoming more common around the UK.” In 2011, one case in the Liverpool area was closed within days with an arrest, but the crossbow attacks have continued. In November, another. Not only that, either we have a traveling serial domestic-cat killer, or cats are irresistible to a certain type of crossbow peltast worldwide. Last October, Ozzy the cat came home in Canada with a bolt in his neck; the Mounties are on it but don’t seem to have any suspects.

5 thoughts on “There are some sick people out there

    1. Hognose Post author

      Interesting. Solid journal, I’ll read the study. They’re saying it’s the first systematic study, and calling for policy intervention based on it… that turns me off. Let’s see how their methodology looks and how their research replicates first.

      I don’t think the guys whacking cats (and I could have put plenty of crossbow-shot dogs in there, too) are big readers of scientific journals. However, every birder I know has a case of the ass at cats, and they are all convinced the cat predation on native songbirds is enormous. Two separate issues, I think. Fix your pet cat and keep it in, and they’ll probably have to trap and kill ferals, to protect native species in the end. That’s one. But the sick Elmer Fudd wannabee with the crossbow is a different matter. He needs to be ID’d and someone needs to go all Bugs Bunny on his ass.

  1. Johnny Come Lately

    I don’t want to pull a James Yeager but this is a set of circumstances in which a sick fuck would disappear into the wetlands.

  2. McThag

    They’re not game but there are times when any animal needs to be taken care of.

    Poor things are often starving when abandoned by their scumbag ex-owners then get mauled by the local canine population. Animal control in my area has washed their hand of anything beyond setting a live trap or two in an entire neighborhood. Then once they’ve caught a couple ‘possums or ‘coon they remove the traps. If you trap one on your own you essentially are fined for bothering them to come do their jobs.

    The cats outside in my neighborhood fall into four categories. Indoor cat who’s managed to get outside, indoor/outdoor cats, stray/feral and walking dead.

    What am I supposed to do? I’ve got two great (fixed and indoors now) cats from just feeding the ones that have wandered up to say “hello”. We’ve got one daredevil tom who races my dog to the back fence every morning, he likes to sun himself on top of the back table. I don’t regret shooting the one I could smell the festering infection on its neck from across the back yard.

    What else am I supposed to do?

    But I don’t do it for fun. I am still angry at the people who tossed that poor declawed, fixed kitty out to the wilds.

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