Cops Failing Abysmally

Please watch this video while we gather up our chins (one each, unlike the guys in the video, but we’ll get to that) from the floor. This is probably the worst video of police incompetence we’ve ever seen.

We weren’t surprised to learn that it was the notorious Chester, PA, Police Department, a department renowned in the region and nation for substandard training, bizarre policies, and the worst (unindicted, at least) leadership in law enforcement.

Where to start?

  • The propriety of resolving a dog fight by blowing away the dogs?
  • The place where they did it? They were in a pickup truck bed, for crying out loud… if you’re fixated on shooting the dogs and utterly perseverating on that, and given that you know your cops can’t shoot for shit, why not drive the truck to somewhere with a backstop? Also, where does a bullet go when it hits the unseen structural steel framework and reinforcements of a truck bed? Of course you don’t know, and neither did these two bad cops.
  • The morbid obesity of the waddling Chester officers? Who the hell can these butterballs protect and serve?
  • The astronomical incompetence of cops that need six rounds to put two dogs down? Barney Fife could have done it with one round each. Without looking like a poster child for Krispy Kreme in the process.
  • Police Commissioner Joe Bail, Jr. (the above-mentioned “leadership”– another plural-chinned butterball, naturally), being unaware of this shooting for hours afterward? This is Chester, PA, not the freakin’ 40,000-officer NYPD, for Odin’s sake.

From these assclowns’ website (we are not making this up):

We are members of an elite and highly trained profession: law enforcement.

Bwahahahahahahaaaa…. oh, Crom preserve us, we’re out of breath. Please, no more… OK, we’ll try one more line. Entonces. 

We will conduct ourselves in a manner that is consistent with professional standards.

Hoot! Hoot! Hoot! Well, he didn’t say which profession. (Hint: they were really big shoes. Almost so big a Chester officer can see them whilst standing at attention!). No more, please… the Stoopid is strong with this page. Make it stop. Nein! Weiter!

We hold ourselves and each other accountable for our actions.

OK, now we’ve passed beyond normal mission-statement bullshit bingo into the realm of pure laudanum fantasy. NBC 10 paraphrased Bail as saying “his officers assessed the situation and decided the dogs needed to be shot immediately because of the danger to people in the area”. Wait, what? Dogs fighting each other — dangerous. Cops in spray-and-pray mode — safe. Got it? Us neither. Accountable, my eye: the cover up goes all the way up. Read here at the Delco Times where the mealy-mouthed Chester Mayor says “all protocols were followed” (passive voice, the scoundrel’s refuge) in the fat cops’ reckless thrill-killing of (he now says three) dogs, and then whines that, “We don’t want to be known as a place that abuses animals or kills dogs.” Aw, it’s so unfair.

Well, that’s easy… don’t abuse animals or kill dogs. Oh snap! Too late.


Turns out the Chester police have an open dog-icide on the books. If they were able to find their ample asses with both hands and a guide dog, they might start looking for the perp in their own ranks. Do the two Michelin Men from the dog video have alibis?

4 thoughts on “Cops Failing Abysmally

    1. Hognose Post author

      There was a thread about this on SocNet, and one of the comments was something along the lines “when the rapper is sounding more reasonable than the police commissioner, there’s a problem.”

      Some of the comments refer to the long running and ultimately failed legal assault by John Giduck on various members of SOCNET. During that suit, the Chester PD acted as Giduck’s private investigators. Giduck and Bail are business partners of some kind, and another Chester cop named Ernie Mancheris (sp?) is involved with them somehow. No idea if he’s one of the dog blasters. (OK, I just checked. He’s actually suspended for beating his wife, and then going after her again with guns he’d held back while he was on bail for the first assault. So it wasn’t Manerchia. But he’s one of Bail’s subordinate leaders in Chester — the place is a spring-fed Fountain of Wrong).

  1. R & R

    As an LAPD cop….I find these guys embarrassing. But I cannot help be find the irony in the media interviewing 2-Punk for his 2-cents, in-between his many rap engagements, dog fighting and narcotics trade. He was just pissed that he couldn’t sling dope to the kiddos when they got out of school, while Sheriff Jackie Gleason and the boys were out front….

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