A good hunter safety tip

Elmer_FuddJust in from a wise fellow, who noted that gun-handling mishaps often happen near cars or trucks, when your mind is on loading or unloading the truck, not the gun. So don’t be that guy.

Keeping your focus on one thing at a time is good policy for anyone who goes around with a gun, whether his aim is hunting wabbits, or not being hunted himself. 

Realizing that most hunting accidents occur in and or around vehicles I developed my 100 yard rule. I do not load my weapon until I am 100 yards from the vehicle and I clear it 100 yards away on my return.

The principle is this: only do one thing at a time, and stay focused on that one thing. Loading/unloading, walking, and clearing are all different things and, while firearms hunting, each should get your full attention.

If more people did that, newsmen would sure have less to write about in the fall and winter seasons.