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This one is for you commenters. Get yer requests in, we’ll try to answer all reasonable questions, and ridicule all others, in the comments or in future posts.

7 thoughts on “Ask the WeaponsMan Thread

  1. mono

    Glock vs 1911: go!

    Naw, I’m just kidding. No specific requests, other than to keep doing what you’re doing.

  2. Ian

    I had a person tell me that the original popularity of the small-caliber (4.6mm, 5.7mm, etc) PDW was based on the threat of a Russian paratroop attack behind NATO lines, and the need for a compact personal weapon for rear echelon troops that could defeat body armor. However, the breakup of the USSR made that scenario much less likely, and the lack of armor use by opponents in Afghanistan and other theaters of fighting against Islamic militants has driven demand among actual operators back towards heavier-caliber (.45) subguns and PDWs.

    What are your thoughts about that line of thought?

    1. Hognose Post author

      In the 1980s, there was a big drive towards penetration because, in part, we saw the Sovs wearing body armor constantly in Afghanistan. That’s what drove the SS109 / M855 round (slightly different but kissin’ cousins) — they were supposed to penetrate the Russian vest at x meters and the helmet at 800. If you can hit a steel helmet at 800m with an iron-sighted M16A2 you’re a better man than I am, Gunga Din.

      Being retired, I’m not as well in the loop as I was, but it looks like the push for another round is totally stalled, and the guys are doing CQB with M4s, (sometimes 10″) and with SCAR-17 with the 10.3″ barrel which is “the heat” for door-kicking. Big change from 1980s days where if you were really anal you did it with an accurized 1911 and not a loose GI one…

      Some elements have MP7 which fires a PDW class round. They like it for the cool factor but when expecting trouble tend to take the M4/SCAR/416. The French KIA / DWM guys on the hostage raid had MP7s, other guys on the raid had some kind of M4 (not 416s as they had PMAGs for their 5.56 guns… unless they’re the latest PMAGs).

      I should pull out some of the old International Defense Review issues I have that talk about the PDW theory. But I have a couple sitting here waiting for me to do one on the adoption of the M240.

  3. runalltheway

    I’m a very infrequent commenter, but will throw in my 2c question anyway:
    Have you fired the Russian GP-25/GP-30 underbarrel grenade launchers? How did they compare to the M203?


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