That Was the Week that Was: 2013 Week 03

That was the week that was TW3This makes us 3 for 3 on posting TW3s in 2013. We continue trying to post three posts a day (except Sundays), although there’s a little variability in our daily posting schedule, the plan (normal warnings about plans apply) is to post a weapons-technical or -culture post at 0600, an SF- or UW-related post at 1100, and a post with no fixed prerequisite in the afternoon. Saturdays we have a substantive post in the morning, a Saturday Matinee movie review, and a TW3 (this post). This schedule is more aspirational than rigid, but now you know what we’re thinking around here. .

The Boring Statistics

This week was an average week. We posted 22 posts with some 21 comments by press time for this post, and a total of about 15,000 words. We did pass one significant milestone this week: on the 18th, our 1,000th post went live. We expect to pass 2,000 before year’s end.

Comment of the Week

Nothing really jumped out at us this week, we just enjoyed the usual repartee with the usual suspects.

The Week in Posts

Here’s the recap of our posts for this week:

Going Forward

We have a cool The Past is Another Country post from both 1961 and 1911 — roughly 50 and 100 years ago — that we didn’t get to last week. We also have an update on 3D-printable hardware. As Cody Wilson says, “How’s that national conversation going?”

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