The Wannabe’s Diploma Mill

This guy claims to sellĀ Special Forces Training Certificates.

There’s only a few problems with them: they don’t look like the real ones (in most cases, they look radically different). They never have the right names or signature blocks. In some cases, they’re for nonexistent schools or schools that never issued a diploma. In other cases, he misrepresents what the school teaches, probably because he has no freaking idea. Some of these bogus certificates are not even on the right size paper.

In other words, they’re bogus and it should be immediately obvious to anyone who isn’t a phony that they’re bogus.

So who buys from this asshat?

Wannabes and phonies, that’s who.

NeverĀ trust documents supplied by an individual, especially one who tells cinematic-sounding tales of derring-do (they’re cinematic because he absorbed them with his ass in a theater seat). Get him to sign SF180 and get your own copy of his records. If he won’t sign the form, request the publicly-releasable information on your own. Schools, awards and decorations, assignments are all publicly releasable, and ask for them specifically.

3 thoughts on “The Wannabe’s Diploma Mill

  1. Medic09

    I’m just glad this creepy-crawler doesn’t know Hebrew.

    I couldn’t find the cert for Space Shuttle Flight Mechanic/Door Gunner School. Got a link for that? ;-)

    1. Hognose Post author

      We had t-shirts showing a guy standing next to an orbiter in space suit and jump gear… Special Forces OSLO Team… Outer Space Low Opening. Since then there have been assclowns who surfaced and claimed to have jumped the Shuttle. By the way, foreign certificates are also often faked by wannabe international-men-of-mystery. One of the previous Assclowns of the Ides had Spetsnaz certificates that appeared to have been made with Google translations. Chort vozmi!

  2. McThag

    Hey! My certificate to Combat Basket Weaving Operator’s School is totally legit!

    Signed by R MacDonald and B.T. Clown!

    You weren’t there man, you wouldn’t say this if you were THERE. Man.

    In the shit and all out of pink silk ribbon. We had to use blue! WE HAD TO USE BLUE!

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