To reach the Stasi: 702-690-9142

251px-Emblema_Stasi.svgATF officials have been lobbying Congress to give the rogue agency, which has yet to discipline any of the malefactors whose Mexican smuggling adventure has taken at least 500 lives including both American and Mexican law enforcement agents, more money, and more power. They also want the Senate to confirm their acting director, Chicago anti-2nd-Amendment activist B. Todd Jones, who swore an oath to the Constitution — the one that doesn’t have 1st, 2nd, 4th or 5th Amendments. Jones’s principal shtick has been to crack down, not on crimes, but on agents who blew the whistle on rogue agents enabling criminals. None of the criminal-aiding agents have been punished — most were promoted — but retaliation was swift and heavy against the men who exposed the conspiracy. (Note: that link is a print link, to get you around the page which is infected with the Undertone virus. If your print dialog pops up, just click “Cancel” and you can read Katie Pavlich’s worthwhile report without being hit by Undertone spam).

But Federal agencies pushed far beyond previous lobbying efforts with a full-court press in the SHOT show, seeking to intimidate attendees into supporting Democratic Party gun control proposals, and to recruit snitches into a Stasi-like pervasive network of informants in the gun culture. The Outfdoor Wire mentioned the Federal invasion in the closing grafs of a wide-ranging SHOT Show report.

word spread through SHOT Show that undercover agents supposedly from a variety of different agencies, from ATF to OSI, were wandering around the show floor, passing out business cards that bore an official-looking seal and the words “Suspicious Activity Reporting: 702-690-9142”

Curious, one industry insider called the number. After several rings, a recorded message thanked him for reporting the suspicious activity, and asked for a callback number. Instead, he hung up. Only a few minutes later, their cellphone rang and a caller identified himself as an FBI agent following up on the “suspicious activity report”.

When questioned about the supposed federal agents wandering the floor, the caller said that despite the fact that OSI was a military agency, breaches of security when it came to the “kinds of equipment displayed at SHOT Show” gave them full domestic arrest powers.

Many attendees at the SHOW have received these cards, raising questions of the legitimacy of the supposed agents and the possibility that SHOT was under far closer federal scrutiny than normal.

via Obama to Reveal Gun Violence Proposals This Morning : The Outdoor Wire.

The FBI, etc., drive on the SOT show is reminiscent of its massively-publicized round of arrests of 2010 show attendees (the men, mostly industry executives, were actually arrested in their hotels, not on the show grounds). Those arrests were a political event orchestrated by Assistant Attorney General Lanny Breuer, also the most senior DOJ official to have signed off on Fast and Furious gunwalking to Mexican cartels. The case collapsed in December, 2012, when the FBI’s evidence turned out to be fabricated.

We're listening. If you object, you must be hiding something.

We’re listening. If you object, you must be hiding something. 702-690-9142. Political police are standing by.

Obviously, the OSI (Air Force Office of Special Investigations) is wastefully overbudgeted if it can send its polyester-suited wannabe gumshoes on a SHOT Show vacation, and needs its budget cut. The same goes for the rest of the agencies that aspire to an East German informant society.

A law enforcement agency can play things right down the middle, and stay out of politics, or it can pick a political party. The ATF long ago picked its party, and it looks like the FBI, OSI and others have now done so. When the other political party gets in, remember that nothing stings these payroll patriots like a slowdown on the gravy train line.