That Was the Week that Was: 2013 Week 02

Well, we’re 2 for 2 on posting TW3s in 2013. We hope you will find these useful, especially if you don’t check in every day, and we try to post three posts a day (except Sundays), perhaps pushing the post you are interested in off the front page.

The Boring Statistics

This week was a light week. We posted 16 posts with some 25 comments by press time for this post, and a total of about 10,000  words. WordPress 3.5 is still doing all it can to slow down and prevent posts but we’re getting better at overcoming it.

Comment of the Week

Comes from a man who wants to go by Jota Ese (that’s J.S. en español we guess). He brought forward a case that just goes not show not every gross safety violation has dire consequences. Sometimes you succeed by dumb luck:

For an early example of the failure to apply the first rule of weapons safety, albeit one that didn’t have bad consequences:

This is great: “it never occurred to anyone that the cannon, which is said to be at least 233 years old, would still pose a threat. The field piece was already more than 90 years old when it was donated to the park, apparently by someone who’d salvaged it from a sunken British frigate in the East River. It was put on display at the park, and capped with concrete. No one even considered the possibility that British sailors had loaded and sealed it before their ship went down.”

Yep. For something like 150 years a live, loaded cannon stood in Central Park, having survived another 75 or so years of immersion in the East River, just waiting for a chance to do long-gone George III’s bidding and blow some New Yorkers into the middle of next week. But it didn’t. Sometimes it’s better to be lucky than to be good.

The Week in Posts

Here’s the recap of our posts for this week, a lot fewer than last week’s (at initial posting the links will not be live. We regret, etc.):

  • First, at the end of last week, we reported on the untimely death of John Noveske of the eponymous Rifleworks in a single-vehicle accident. John was only 36, but he had a succession plan in place. (That one counted in last week’s stats but we don’t think we mentioned it in the TW3, because the TW3 was already up).
  • We noted that the Sixth was a Sunny Sunday — our usual Sunday non-post.
  • What’s the best caliber for Burmese pythons? is the question on everybody’s lips these days.
  • We finally heard a lot of mewling excuse-making and realized that the Cheaper Than Dirtbags speak, finally.
  • A Mess of Accidents, No. 6. Same old accidents, really — just new people having them.
  • The Walt Shumate Dive Tower gets a new coat of paint and publicizes an old legend.
  • SF Association Chapter 78 in California held a police shooting contest, the Shooter’s Cup, in October 2012. We gave you a few words and their very professional video.
  • Andrew Tuohy at LuckyGunner Labs showed that eye pro is not all equal.
  • We looked at one of the Air Force’s billon-dollar boondoggles that achieved absolutely nothing and observed that, surely, the DOD budget can’t be cut anywhere.
  • Wednesday Weapons Website of the Week was the Army’s Program Executive Office (PEO) Soldier. They’re in charge of stuff soldiers wear and carry.
  • Bradley Manning won one, but he either needs to pony up a few more guilty pleas than the ones already proferred, or face a trial that will send him to prison. (Fine place for him. Since he thinks he’s a girl, he’ll be popular).
  • The Air Force keeps losing billions trying to install a really big version of QuickBooks, but the Navy’s biggest problem is boatloads (literally) of knocked-up sailorettes. (They’re doing it wrong. Mama’s supposed to dress baby in the sailor suit).
  • Who shouldn’t have a gun? We all know somebody… even if we don’t want to step on his rights.
  • We thought making your own LPK was an Interesting AR Build Approach.
  • The UK went Glock for its entire Armed Forces. Not our proudest post, as we completely missed their affair with SIGs, which they carried on while still married to the Browning Hi-Power. A commenter corrected us.
  • Our Saturday Matinee was the made-for-TV SEALploitation film, SEAL Team Six. TV was where it should have stayed, but the bastards got our money… don’t let them get yours.
  • And we’ll spare the recursive link to this post: That Was the Week that Was: 2013 Week 02

 Going Forward

We actually thought this past week was the SHOT show (Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trades), but it’s this coming week, so what we posted last week will do: We’re not there, so anything we’ll have is second hand. The forums like ARFCOM, M4, HKPro, etc., will likely have good reports, and so will such websites as The Firearms Blog. As usual, The Gun Wire will aggregate the news.

However, we do have one report on one Weapon of the Future that will be released or at least presented at SHOT. In order to get it to you ahead of time, we’re going to put it up on Sunday, when we don’t usually do substantive posts. (This concludes the retread text).

We have some other stuff including a couple of cool The Past is Another Country posts: one from 1986, just over 25 years ago, and one from both 1961 and 1911 — roughly 50 and 100 years ago.