2012 Shooter’s Cup

What do you get when you gather a bunch of police teams — mostly SWAT cops from California — and put them through a series of shooting stages conceived (and RO’d and referreed) by Special Forces guys?

You get the Shooter’s Cup, which is put on by the California-base Chapter 78 of the Special Forces Association. In October, 2012 the 2nd Annual event was won by a Long Beach PD SWAT team.

This well-produced (maybe even over-produced) video tells the tale:

We guess that if you’re in California there’s video-editing talent around, but that’s a really professional job — the video, but so is the underlying event.

Yep, there are plans for the Third Annual in October of this year. It’s evident that everybody has a blast, and that their shooting skills will be tested in practical (and fanciful) ways. The awards ceremonies from the first two years were honored by the presence of retired colonel and SF legend Roger F. Donlon, MOH, who flew in to make the presentations.

You might want to take a careful look at some of the targets and arrays they use on the range in Corona, CA. There are some very good, very challenging, yet inexpensive and easily sourced targets in there. Even if you shoot on the ranges that we use the most, which do not permit steel targets, some of their more clever ideas are safe and easily-policed-up targets that add a bit of life to a shooting session.