The Sixth is a Sunny Sunday

Sunny, but crisp with a dusting of fresh snow. Lots of animal sign: rabbit, coyote, what’s probably fisher (haven’t looked at it close) and deer. The fisher explains why Little Pup is a bit timid about going out to do his business: to a fisher, he’s a snack-size package.

We’ll be back tomorrow with real posts. Expect some coverage of neat things from SHOT, one of which we’ll pontificate on this afternoon. Expect also some new developments in the politically-driven ructions going through the industry.

One small detail: if you saw a post asking what caliber is best for hunting a particular animal, that’s one due this week, and the Great Oz bungled the blog switchology back here. (Had an F-111F crew do that to us once, which was a lot more serious). So consider yourself teased!