That Was the Week that Was: 2013 Week 01

Yeah, we got kind of slack on posting TW3s in 2012. Here’s our first for 2013. New Year’s Resolutions and all that… let’s see if we can keep this going any longer than it takes for your new piece of exercise equipment to become a clothes dryer.

Readers very seldom commented on these posts, but we ourselves found them useful for going back and keeping track of what we had done.

The Boring Statistics

This week we posted 23 posts with some 36 comments by press time for this post, and a total of about 12,000 words. The numbers might have been higher if we hadn’t been dealing with the very buggy and unready WordPress 3.5 update.

Comment of the Week

Goes to Ian from Forgotten Weapons, who came up with informed speculation about the two-position safety on the very nicely ‘smithed Mo-Nag we posted the other day.

I bet it has a Timney trigger, or other similar aftermarket trigger installed. That safety looks very similar to the one on my Timney.

He also had some speculation on the gun’s origin, which yields some good info for anyone with a Mosin. We sometimes think that Ian has forgotten more stuff about this stuff that we’ve ever crammed into our leaky brain housing groups. This is one of those times.

The only identifying mark I can make out is a bow and arrow on the cocking piece, which indicates pre-1928 manufacture at Ishevsk. Of course, that really only means the cocking piece was made there, as lots of Mosins came into the US with all sorts of oddly mixed parts. I have a Westinghouse one with Finn markings, Ishevsk barrel bands, Tula rear sight, and Chatellerault floorplate.

There will likely be a mark on the underside of the receiver tang indicating the date and maker. Incidentally, it’s this date that gives you the age of the receiver, not the barrel marking. Many Mosins have had barrel replaced (especially by the Finns), and it’s not uncommon to find guns with 1940s barrel dates that are actually pre-1898 receivers and thus not legally firearms.

That’s really interesting, and it makes us wonder in particular about one oddball Mosin that has 1891, 91/08 and 91/30 features, one that’s hanging on one of the walls in the gun room.

And this week, we think a comment deserves a runner up or honorable mention . “R&R’s” comment on today’s post about a random act of kindness practiced by a Texas policemen tells us that yes, this does happen from time to time. Check it out.

The Week in Posts

What’d you miss if you don’t read every post like we do? Here’s the recap of our posts for this week:

 Going Forward

This coming week is the SHOT show (Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trades). We’re not there, so anything we’ll have is second hand. The forums like ARFCOM, M4, HKPro, etc., will likely have good reports, and so will such websites as The Firearms Blog. As usual, The Gun Wire will aggregate the news.

However, we do have one report on one Weapon of the Future that will be released or at least presented at SHOT. In order to get it to you ahead of time, we’re going to put it up on Sunday, when we don’t usually do substantive posts.

We have a ton of information jammed up and needing this and that — there are over 80 stories in the draft queue. Because we have to triage these things, we may post a poll asking you which you want to see first. It’s very interesting that, now that we’re monitoring statistics (we started in 2013) and even before when we were watching comments, we’re not getting reaction to the posts we expect to be popular but instead to posts, the popularity of which surprise us.