A suggestion to all readers…

In the last year of blogging, we’ve learned a very great deal from our commenters. They’ve led us to websites, books and magazines, interesting gun history, and different viewpoints, all of which has been mind-expanding and instructive.

That’s not even mentioning the errors they’ve corrected.

Some of the regular commenters are extremely knowledgable researchers. Others are personally involved in the events we write about, and usually have information that the media either didn’t seek out, didn’t understand the subject well enough to absorb, or were too committed to a prefab narrative to accept.

So if you are reading a post, especially the weapons-technical posts, it behooves you to read the comments. Sometimes there’s more wisdom there than in the post. It does take a day or three for all the comments to hit that are going to hit, because the commenters are scattered in different time zones and have their own lives.

And if you’re reading a post, and thinking, “Geez, I know all about that and Weaponsman has its collective head up its fourth point of contact,” or perhaps, “Hey, I have an angle on thisĀ  that he clearly doesn’t” or anythng like that, by all means, sound off in the comments. We make it as painless as possible with no Captchas or registration required.

We strongly prefer real names, and full real names. We do understand how serving folks and people speaking out contra policy from On High (there has been a lot of that during GEN Odierno’s let’-have-Rangerettes push) need a pseudonym, but trolls and conspiracy geeks will be ruthlessly deleted in 2013. (We gave one more opportunity to vent than he deserved in a recent Newtown post, then sent him off to mutter in his beard about how we’re all part of the Conspiracy. Special to the Trilateral Commission and Bilderbergers: our check is late).

For most of 2012 we did a weekly wrap, and we’re hoping to resume that in 2013, including pulling the best comment of the week and holding it up for hosannas from the faithful. At least until Moses comes back down the hill with whatever he went up there to get.