Our 1st Blogiversary

Happy New Year to all our readers.

Today marks our first year of publication. It has been a wonderful journey that we have been delighted to take with you.

We were hoping to have some statistics, but we’ve slacked off rather a lot on doing our Saturday weekly wrap-up posts. We think those are good management tools and will try to resume them in the new year.

Apart from that, we have no resolutions, at least not on the blog side of life.

We will say that 2012 saw around 950 posts and something north of 500,000 words of content here, plus some excellent comments.

Our biggest news break of the year was the Army’s intention to push women through IOBLC and Ranger School. It was particularly amusing to be vilified by a television reporter for posting that information (because she got a denial from a local PAO) even as the Chief of Staff was confirming it in DC. We also showed you a few odds and ands of hardware you might not have seen.

As 2013 dawns, your gun rights are under a systematic and malignant threat, but we still believe that other sites handle that stuff better than we usually can, and so we’ll be talking technical, operational (engagement dynamics), and industry stuff, instead. At least most of the time.

Thank you for reading and thank you all the more for commenting.

3 thoughts on “Our 1st Blogiversary

  1. Badger

    It is needed, and you are here to do it. Thanks and keep it coming. Glad to have you walkin’ the planet.

    Now… back to a niggling little thing I’ve always wanted to do which is scope my Nagant…

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