Hysterical levels of sales continue.

FirearmBlog readers stripped gunshop photoThere has never been a run on guns like there is right now.

  • Item: dateline Denver. Everything from $500 AKs to $13,500 Barretts cleaned out in three days. Stores screaming for inventory.
  • Item: dateline Internet. Brownells sold out all their PMAGs and all their own made-in-house AR magazines, also many of their pistol mags, and placed them on backorder. How many sales? We don’t have Brownell’s numbers, but we’d estimate over 100,000 magazines this week. For the PMAGs, they sold 42 months’ usual sales rate of these magazines. In 36 hours. That’s around a 5,000% increase in sales rate.
  • Item: dateline Philadelphia. Shops cleaned out, same as Denver.
  • Item: dateline New England. No service rifle ammo to be had in small shops or large. No service pistol (9mm, .45) either, but mainly this is a rifle-driven frenzy. At Kittery Trading Post, a pallet of ammo is torn apart like a buffalo by piranhas, leaving nothing but the indigestible dunnage in seconds. That’s once you get in to KTP, which has an incredibly jammed parking lot. On the other hand, foot traffic seemed light at Dick’s in the Newington, NH Fox Run Mall. “They’re Dick’s, all right,” the Kid muttered. “They’re dead to me.” Young, but he learns fast.
  • Item: dateline Tennessee. Ditto.

The hysteria is driven, of course, by fear of what Leviathan might do. The more one sees politicians, the more one realizes that important decisions are in the hands of people you would not let walk your dog.

For the buyer… if you didn’t stock up yet, panicking now may be premature. That doesn’t mean there won’t be a chance to panic later, but right now, prices are necessarily going to bubble to get the market back to clearing at its usual pace. It’s a natural result of the scarcity of Naughty Black Rifles vis-a-vis the number of would-be buyers. The prices will zoom, then dive, and ultimately stabilize at a new level. Which is necessarily going to be somewhat higher than before some creep shot his way into a school.

One thought on “Hysterical levels of sales continue.

  1. Darkwater

    I accelerated my purchase of an AR-15 on Black Friday, after the election (the proximate reason) & before Sandy Hook. I left the house even before the wife & arrived at the nearby Cabelas (who listed the item on sale) at 0410 to find the swollen line literally around the block. The doors opened early & I was at the counter by 0450. Fortunately I was one of the lucky ones who made the purchase, but I noticed when I arrived that all the ammo-can packages of 5.56mm & .45-cal were already gone. I would say that the threats expressed after Sandy Hook merely accelerated a trend that already in progress.

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