NRA press conference collapses into chaos

NRA Life MemberThe NRA — which is now over 8 million members, with a membership surge underway — held a press conference today, or tried to, before a hostile press corps.

How hostile? Several members of the Alinskyite Code Pink group were given press credentials by major outlets (reportedly including NBC News). The Code Pinkos screamed, chanted and were removed.

And then the actual reporters took up the screaming and shouting.

NRA Preident David Keene spoke, NRA owner (for all intents and purposes) Wayne LaPierre spoke, and retired Rep. Asa Hutchinson tried to speak but was drowned out by shouting, chanting reporters (after the removal of the Code Pink characters) so it’s not at all clear what he said, and it surely won’t be appearing in the media as it didn’t seem that any of them were taking notes.

Hutchinson is heading a new NRA initiative, the National School Shield Emergency Response Program offering free training materials and assessments (as near as we can determine) for school security.

LaPierre’s speech was rambling, weak tea, but he did not endorse any new gun control laws (just more cops in schools), He did make a social-values attack on Hollywood violence: “A child growing up in America witnesses 16,000 murders… by…the ripe old age of 18.” He also attacked the media, which is unlikely to appear in their reports of the presser. In sum, this was a speech for NRA members, not for the press or the public. But the take-away is: no concessions from the Fudds. Yet.

Update: the LaPierre and Hutchison prepared statements are online now at NRA. LaPierre’s speech reads just as disjointedly as he delivered it, so it wasn’t that he was rattled by the hostile press or their protester pals. He has an old and feeble affect. It may be time for him to look at retiring to Fire Island and letting someone with more youth and vigor do this.

Update II: This post apparently got hung up in WordPressistan, and spent a few hours being subjected to mock executions by the warlords there, before being freed by an elite strike force of retired operators. (Heh). Meanwhile, the Daily Caller called out a number of the ill-bred reporters.

In his blog, 2nd Amendment expert attorney David Hardy noted¬†that the Washington Post spun the press conference as a threat to unleash “another Conn.-type shooter.” That’s shockingly dishonest even by the usual low standards of the press. In another story, the Post’s Chris Cilizza was “hoping to get a mea culpa from … LaPierre” but “came away sorely disappointed.” In a later report on the conference, a veritable scrum of no fewer than five Post reporters sketched the NRA position and highlighted the Obama administration (and by extenson, the Washington Post’s) counterarguments. They were careful to leave Asa Hutchinson’s prosecutorial experience out of their capsule bio of him.

Update III: NRA’s LaPierre and Chris Cox are reportedly going to do the Sunday morning talk shows where they’ll face the Code Pink media wing again. No word if Keene or any other more effective advocate will join them, yet.