Open Carry: doing it wrong

This guy is doing it wrong: open carry drives other customers out of busy Walmart.

Scaring people doesn’t do what he thinks open carrying does. I get what he’s trying to do, but don’t think he’s having the right effect.

We must say that the cops did well here (not just because nobody at all got shot, but there isĀ that). They didn’t hassle the guy, they just tried to reason him out of it. Didn’t happen. Afterward, they even stuck up for him to the press:

The gun carrier wasn’t doing anything reckless, according to [Seabrook, NH police sergeant Robert] Granlund, who was the first officer to find him in the store.

“He was shopping,” Granlund said. “He had the assault rifle on his back in a sling. He was pushing a carriage.”

The guy had a cock-and-bull story about why he was slinging an AK: he said he was bringing a troubled gun for the Walmart’s sporting goods clerk to examine and diagnose. Yeah, that’s always the first place we think of to look for gun expertise, Walmart. But once the cops said he was within his rights, he admitted he was an open-carry advocate, pushing the envelope.

The Walmart manager asked the open-carry advocate to leave. He did. End of drama.