Christmas suggestion for that kid ready for gun No. 1

Red Ryder BB GunNot long ago, we reported that Ted Nugent thought this simple starter BB gun was the greatest gun ever, because of the sheer number of would be hunters, shooters, and gun collectors who started with one, including the Nuge his ownself.

The Daisy Outdoor Products Red Ryder Gun

via Daisy Outdoor Products Red Ryder Gun Brown/Black, 35.4 Inch: Sports & Outdoors.

It’s available from Amazon for ridiculously little money, especially if you have Prime, and you can still get it delivered in time for what the schools are calling Holiday. And the rest of us are calling Christians.

For those diffident about online shopping, some WalMarts have them in the sporting goods section for about $29. It is not the greatest air gun — it’s hard for young muscles to operate, and its smooth bore means it’s accuracy is limited. But it’s Tradition with a capital T. (No one even remembers who Red Ryder was, apart from the guy who had a BB-gun named after him. Kinda like rockers who don’t know who Les Paul was).

Seriously, hook a kid today. Your best defense against people like Slick Dick Blumenthal, Joe Scarborough, Joe Manchin, Wayne LaPierre and all the others would leave you defenseless, is to build a new and greater generation of the gun culture.

The charge to them is not different, materially, to the charge to the living from the dead in the famous war poem:

To you from failing hands we throw

The torch. Be yours to hold it high.

If you break faith with us who die

We shall not sleep, although we lie

In Flanders Fields.

There are many ways to defend freedom. A first gun in the hands of a new shooter is a good way.

(Of course, he asked for an AK-47).

4 thoughts on “Christmas suggestion for that kid ready for gun No. 1

  1. Ceefour

    Of course we know who Red Ryder was and we also know who little beaver was and is. I bet YOU don’t know………..

    1. Hognose Post author

      Haven’t the faintest, amigo mio. Some celebrated radio cowboy, in the days before TV, is my guess? I suppose google has the answer.

  2. Ceefour

    Im sure you have googled this but if you didn’t…Little Beaver was played by the world famous movie and tv actor..also a suspct in the death of his wife…..Tenga una buen dia,padron

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